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Special Agent Dougie Jones


Ok, I just came up with a new speculation.

What if no one finds Cooper, but instead Cooper finds Twin Peaks?

Our man has lost his intellect, but his intuition has come out on the other side of the Black Lodge uncannily enhanced, hand in hand with some extreme luck.

Perhaps the lights he is seeing glimpses of are all sending him back to a reunion in the Sheriff's station in Twin Peaks? Dougie has unwittingly uncovered seeming insurance fraud at work. Perhaps his boss will want him to investigate this, and that investigation will lead him back to the Sheriff's office.

The insurance agent already showed up at the sheriff's office in the first scene this season in the sheriff's office... and Sheriff Truman's home has damage from a burst pipe.

Perhaps Dougie will walk right through the front door of the Sheriff's station and come face to face with Lucy.

All our story paths lead back to Twin Peaks for a final showdown between our two Coopers, I suspect.

So many questions and possibilities. Bob Cooper (I prefer this name to Doppelcooper) will find his way back to Twin Peaks as well, I think (likely after a prison break). Perhaps something to do with his possible son with Audrey, Richard Horne? What if Sonny Jim and Richard Horne are brothers? Bob is "still here" with Cooper... is he still with him in his possible son Richard? Could there be some weird relationship between Audrey and Janey-E? Mulholland Drive that starred Watts was originally conceived as a spinoff of Twin Peaks featuring Audrey, wasn't it? Is Bob Cooper perhaps the elusive billionaire with the glass box? It certainly seems likely he is the one sending out assassination orders to Ike the Spike.

My brain is so enthralled with Twin Peaks, this is the second time thoughts about it have woken me up in the middle of the night.

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I definitely buy into some of that. There are so many possible links/connections. I'm definitely theorizing that there will be an insurance claim by the Trumans and that it will somehow be connected to Lucky 7 Insurance.

I hadn't given a lot of thought as to how/why Bob Cooper would return.  But I like your line of thinking. 

Was Audrey supposed to be featured in the original MD show?  I never really got the notion that it was supposed to be a spin off, but I have nothing to support or deny the claim either way.

"My brain is so enthralled with Twin Peaks, this is the second time thoughts about it have woken me up in the middle of the night."   .........  mine too.  I've become so obsessed that my family is ready to wrap me in plastic and send me down the river.  🙂

Posted : 13/06/2017 1:23 pm

Here is more info on the Audrey Horne/Mulholland Drive connection.

Hope we both sleep better soon!


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