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'You are still with me'

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Wondering where the jail storyline with Mr. C is heading. The mirror scene tells us 2 things:

1. Apparently the person who is 'host' to BOB is not permanently fully aware of BOB's presence. Why else would Mr. C need to go to a mirror and check? (Yes, I realize Lynch/Frost have to let the viewers in on the secret by showing this, but still...)

2. 'You are still with me' indicates that BOB may be jumping over to another body to 'incorporate' him. But now that Frank Silva is no longer with us Lynch/Frost will have a hard time having him show up here and there (using digital techniques). If BOB jumped from Phyllis-Hastings-being-shot to Mr. C we might ask who is near where BOB can move to. Ray -who should still be near, in another cell- maybe? Which raises a deeper question, anticipating BOB's next move: WHY does BOB kill? 

Topic starter Posted : 11/06/2017 6:35 am
RR Diner Patron

Pause episode 5 at about 7:10.  It's very subtle but you can see Bobs face over Coops.

While Bob may in fact be jumping, we haven't heard of him doing that before with out killing the host when he did. . .or have some sort of interaction with them prior.

Given that The Arm evolved, and that Cooper as an adult would infimitly more powerful than Leyland was, particularly as a child , and the possibly that Earl is involved, it's possible that Bob could have "evolved" to. . .

Yet, the call with Phillip Stardust where he says "then I can be with Bob again", kinda throws that a bit off . . . ?

Posted : 12/06/2017 11:02 pm