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Just bought a copy of the series soundtrack - this is the one with the Badalamenti stuff on it rather than the Roadhouse songs.  My word it is good!  The music didn't really stand out for me in this series as it had done in the original and FWWM (perhaps because it was so sparingly used?), but it sounds great as an album.  The pairing of Night and Heartbreaking are terrific.

"We're in the version layer..."

Posted : 19/09/2017 10:24 am
RR Diner Patron

I bought the Roadhouse songs one because I saw it at Target. Wish I could find the one you got in a store somewhere. Did you get that one online?

Posted : 19/09/2017 3:00 pm

I ordered one from Amazon, but it hasn't arrived yet.  Now I'm really looking forward to it!


Posted : 19/09/2017 7:38 pm