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It has been a magnificent & revealing experience for me. One more chapter of a 30-year (to the year) engagement with Lynch's astounding oeuvre. TPTR fulfilled all my expectations/filmic-desires, & has added a never-could-have-hoped-for substantial & awe-inspiring "film" to my sustenance-storehouse. Part 18 showed how gently Lynch has been working with his mass art audience (& expanding the mainstream frame). As good as anything I've seen in the history of cinema. Deeply grateful.

THANK YOU, Pieter Dom, for your wonderful hosting efforts. Double-thank you to everyone that shared their anguished experiences online; the perplexed, disappointed, & outraged responses reminded fully of the everyday-sublime that TP/Lynch brings into focus over & over again. You gals/guys are the ones that truly "get" Lynch. With you but there is more there - simple guilty pleasures, folk psychological mirrors, existential truths, dire warnings heeded/unheeded, failed-as-always-catharsis, spiritual upliftment, awakening.   

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2017 2:27 am
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What a lovely response.

And yes, thank you to Pieter Dom who has been a generous host to all the lively conversation around this insane (formica?) table.  Having this thoughtful, engaging, and playful group of people to come and discuss wild Twin Peaks theories with has enriched an already fantastic television experience.  I hope there's more to come, but if there isn't, I'm thrilled to have had this. 🙂

Posted : 05/09/2017 2:44 am