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Parts 18 and 8 synchrony


I couldn't find if there is a discussion about this already but I hope to add a bit of information.

I noticed that the song played in the motel scene in part 18 was the same played in part 8 New Mexico scene, so I checked the synchrony. I just found a video someone made (

but it is edited to make the song go more like at the same time (which is one of the interesting things), and also going further on the sync shows interesting stuff (or I'm tripping too much?).

I don't have the exact timings for the sync, but my point of reference is when the kids kiss and when coop and diane get in the room, I'll attach a picture to show a little what i mean. 

What I found interesting is that Cooper and Diane cross their 'dimensions' as well as the couple of woodsmen almost at the same time,

there is the kiss element on both sides,

the song will start first on the coop-diane scene, but more important it will have some kind of pause (time freezing or time travel?), after this pause is easier to sync according to the song, important for another point.

it always intrigues me the expressions of Diane and the way she looks up (I wonder if she is looking at the painting of the desert? is she fighting the woodsman? both?)

further in the scenes you see on one side Coop-Richard getting in Judy's while the woodsman leaves the radio station (clearly with some electric light effect), and while Judy's is full of horse decoration and has a mechanic white horse outside, the woodsman walks to the dark while you hear horses.


Topic starter Posted : 29/12/2017 3:53 am