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Could it be Gordon?

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Ok, so I just read an amazing post about what Coop did after waking up. He did not try to contact anyone on "the good side of the law" to get help before hearing back to TP. He contacted mobsters and fraudsters. He didn't reach out to the two significant FBI agents that could and have "helped" in previous years and episodes.

Gordon has been a part of the "Blue Rose Group" for decades. As far as the TP canon goes, he is THE GUY for blue rose cases. He's also very aware of the goings on surrounding Laura's murder case. And Teresa Banks'. Why didn't  Coop find Gordon immediately after waking up??? Does Coop think Gordon won't help? Or maybe that his involvement in TP could sabotage what Coop has to do?

Gordon is listening to "something" before Tulpa-Diane enter in E16. If he's listening to lodge/ethereal/blue rose things, as some have suggested, he'd be aware of Coop's awakening. Why wouldn't he reach out?

I posit that Gordon is uber-significant. I think the flashback to the frog-roach and the bomb and that entire 30min of flashback hell are/have been known to Gordon for years. What if Gordon is the dreamer? What if he is the all-knowing one? Maybe this is like "No Country For Old Men." Almost like he's telling the story of the kinds of cases he foresees based on alien and ethereal presence in cases way back when. Maybe he's telling an elaborate story. 

I don't know. But, I wouldn't put it past Lynch to put a total mindf*ck out there and blindside all the fans with a shot that we never saw coming. 

Posted : 30/08/2017 12:17 am
Jank Frones, Jocelyn Rowe, 1stDragonarse and 1 people reacted
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As i recall,  he left a message for Gordon Cole with Batling Bud Mullins....

Posted : 30/08/2017 12:24 am
Jank Frones, wow_bob_wow, Sammy Weir and 1 people reacted
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Posted by: Joe Congleton

As i recall,  he left a message for Gordon Cole with Batling Bud Mullins....

Yes - but the message could be 'F***K you Gordon" lol

Posted : 30/08/2017 12:34 am
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Things may go that direction, but I hope they don't force any shock value misdirection reveals.  There is plenty to work with to not have to twist what we've experienced about Gordon.  

Posted : 30/08/2017 12:35 am
Drew Girouard, BewareOfBob, cyndeewillow and 3 people reacted
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I feel like following Cole's dream and the 'who is the dreamer' bit it would be too obvious if it was him? I think the main mystery will only be partially resolved in the end so potentially we will be looking at an end that most of us will interpret and experience in different ways.

Posted : 30/08/2017 6:03 am
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I wouldn't discount anything at this stage, despite the ideas I already posted.  

The fact is, I don't have a clue what's really happening... and I love it.

Posted : 30/08/2017 6:50 am
wow_bob_wow, Ruskinowl, ella and 2 people reacted
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Yeah the figuring out bit is the most satisfying thing ever!

Posted : 30/08/2017 6:55 am
Jank Frones, SamXTherapy, Ruskinowl and 1 people reacted
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Since the original series, the involvement of David Lynch's actual child "doppelganger" as Pierre Tremond has always nudged me toward some bits of this theory.  Seeing an actual mini-me of Lynch dwelling with evil (perhaps a child trapped in a sort of subconscious), juxtaposed by Gordon Cole in the "real world" directing justice while adding in the Belucci scene and some Diane theories and it can all be yrev convincing...

Posted : 30/08/2017 9:28 am
Subalpine Fir, Jocelyn Rowe, Adri Ennefus and 1 people reacted
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Posted by: SamXTherapy

I wouldn't discount anything at this stage, despite the ideas I already posted.  

The fact is, I don't have a clue what's really happening... and I love it.

Me too!

Posted : 30/08/2017 1:40 pm
SamXTherapy reacted
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I think the key to Cooper's reaching out to mobsters instead of Gordon lie in that note.  If the note says "Fuck you Gordon" then we know he is possessed by Diane.

At this point, contacting the FBI might wind him up in Federal Prison since he is "Strangely" similar to another guy who recently "escaped" prison and is on the lam. I think he's just bypassing red tape and getting to where he needs to go because he clearly has a mission and there is not time to be sitting in a cell trying to explain who he is. Cooper is employing the simplest, most efficient and direct means of accomplishing....WHATEVER it is he is set out to accomplish (a man after my own heart!).

Or maybe Lynch is going to totally mindf*ck us.

Posted : 30/08/2017 1:53 pm
Subalpine Fir, cyndeewillow, Jank Frones and 4 people reacted
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While I agree we shouldn't discount anything, I'm not sure "who is the dreamer?" is a literal question to be answered within the story so much as something thoughtful for us to chew on.  

Posted : 30/08/2017 2:08 pm
Judy Who, urbanCCD, Bela Moschkovich and 1 people reacted
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Haha. Gordon does have that giant atom bomb picture in his office. Was it a smile Mr C texted or a mushroom cloud? Wasn't he whistling a Rammstein tune with the lyric "God knows I don't want to be an Angel"? And what's with all that leching over women... trying a bit too hard to mimic human nature? 😉

Posted : 30/08/2017 6:17 pm
Eliza Pneuma reacted
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Cooper knew Gordon would come after him, so I think he knows Gordon might have picked up his vibes on his weird electronic devices.

Posted : 30/08/2017 6:33 pm
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"..and dreams sometimes hearken a truth." -Audrey

Posted : 30/08/2017 7:09 pm
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Laura told Cooper something that shocked him. It could be many things,  but we can't exclude the possibility that Cole has some bad lodgey stuff in him. In S 2, Cooper eventually revealed what Laura had whispered in his ear about Leland, and Cooper will do a similar reveal this Sunday.

Posted : 30/08/2017 7:52 pm
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