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What can we expect now?

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What can we expect now?

We will have to prepare for the next episode because it will be the last one before the double final ...

So, many pieces will have to be presented in order to face one of the main reasons (If not the most important) that is to find Laura (her golden seed / reincarnation) ....


theories maybe spoilers ***

* Although in the last episodes it was noticed more "vivacious" ... It seems that "get Gordon Cole" (added to the previous stimuli), touched an internal fiber, which prompted him to take the "Travel through the outlet" again or give himself an "electroshock" ...

I think Cooper will definitely wake up in the next episode.

* The double murder in Las Vegas seems to be Duncan Todd (done) and Dougie, because MrC doesn't want loose ends.

We will see how this develops if Cooper (finally) is awake at this point. And "No knock, no doorbell" sounds like the door of Dougie's house... 

* The numbers that Jeffries gives to MrC are the coordinates from Ruth ... I think they will go to Twin Peaks now

But he goes with Richard in his truck. MrC could have killed him and he didn't. Richard is wanted by the local police ... Now ... the problem is if MrC enters the police station and sees Naido .... maybe there find his destiny "The green glove guy".

* We also don't know what happens with Jerry Horne ... is still trapped in the woods? I have my doubts due to the temporary "disorder" in the way the scenes are shown ...

* I think we will have to find out what happened "that night" between Diane and "Cooper" .... seems to be important information

The question is, can we trust Diane?

* What will happen to Janey-E once Cooper wakes up? Now she loves Dougie ... I don't think she accepts the fact that he's someone else. Or may end up being a victim of Hutch & Chantal ... Or maybe as a reward for keeping Cooper alive, someone manufacture another Dougie for her... who knows

I'm intrigued by certain things...

Cooper is a fugitive now... What will happen in case he wake up?

I cann't help but remember two things ... the end of Lois Duffy hanging in her cell, and the whisper of Laura to Cooper in the waiting room. Cooper seems scared / worried ....

At the same time we know that the whisper is the answer. ("my father filled me") ... Why Cooper would feel this way about the "resolution"?

*One thing that caught my attention in this episode ...

In the Roadhouse Ruby was waiting for someone.

For some reason I thought it was related to the Log Lady -somehow- who had just died. Perhaps by the size of her glasses. And then the way she dragged and the final shout reminds me of cooper and his "electroshock" ...

Waiting for Cooper to wake up?



Hell baby I found something !!!

I found Richard and Linda !!!!!


*funny fact... this song appears in the movie Looper, where appears Sonny-Jim




Posted : 21/08/2017 1:56 pm
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Posted by: Martin Diaz


("my father filled me")



Unintentionally hilarious and disturbing at the same time. 

Posted : 21/08/2017 2:15 pm
SamXTherapy reacted
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Posted by: kdawg68
Posted by: Martin Diaz


("my father filled me")



Unintentionally hilarious and disturbing at the same time. 

jajaja... it was a mistake. But...Should I correct it?

Posted : 21/08/2017 3:22 pm
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Posted : 23/08/2017 7:27 am
WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...

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