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[Solved] The Farm is the Convenience store.


The Farm is the Convenience store. 

And the Farm's gang members are the Convenience store woodsmen. 

(Both residing upstairs).

Bob had is team of woodsmen and now Mister C has a posse too, fulfilling the analogy between the two worlds.

That could even be justified by Mister C considering them as kindergarten.




Topic starter Posted : 09/11/2018 11:35 am
RR Diner Patron

That makes sense to me.     No way that Bob would settle for someone else's own team of mayhem folk,    he would most certainly recruit his own force.     I totally see the parallels here,    although they did seem rather wimpy,    but then they just might be new to it all,   I guess.

Posted : 10/11/2018 8:47 am