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Audreys Appearance

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Two details that stood out to me in this scene. There are two books on the shelf behind audrey with readable titles, the only ones on the set. The easiest to read , Happy Times is an educational book by Guy L Bond aimed at teaching kids to read, published in 1949. The harder to read title from what I can gather is T.S. Eilot's Four Quartets a collection of four poems themed after the four elements,  earth, air, water and fire (!) as well as containing motifs of time, the divine and becoming whole (!). My guess as to what we are to infer from these titles depends upon whether or not the coma theory holds true. The presence of a childrens book might imply that they have a child. Or the title and positioning might imply that the happy times are behind audrey as she gets older or unhappier in her marriage. The T.S. Eilot book seems harder to interpret.  If we follow the poem representing fire then little gidding seems the best place to start. It paints fire as a force of rebirth and purification. It also talks about how reconciliation of past, present and future is the way to salvation. Seeing as how time distorts in twin peaks I cant see this as a coincidence. This could mean Audrey is still in a coma and needs to reconcile or shes in a home and needs to do the same thing to get better.

Posted : 02/08/2017 8:42 pm
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Posted by: Jeffery M. Thompson

I don't take it that far, just the scenes with her. When I was watching it I kept being amazed that Charlie had a rolodesk and the room was decorated in an anachronistic way. The lack of technology at all was odd. Thinking that even Sheriff Truman has an amazing computer in his desk where here everything was straight out of the 50s. Also the dialogue was very much akin to a soap opera. It really did remind me of Ben reliving Civil War Battles. 
Not sure where to take it other than that I am intrigued I love the mystery of seeing slices of people's lives. Works so well in art because you can create and destroy as the art reveals more to you.

Even the only two books with readable titles in the room were both published in the late 40s early 50s. one is even an educational book for children of that era. Strange thing to keep on a mantle. 

Posted : 02/08/2017 8:50 pm
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Posted by: Karen


Could just be he hates modern technology.


Unibomber school of design........

Posted : 02/08/2017 9:01 pm
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We're two-thirds of the way through the season with lots of ground still needing to be covered. It's also been said that Sherilyn Fenn only filmed a few short scenes.

Is there really time for an entire Audrey-Shutter Island subplot, or is this wishful thinking from people wanting something different for the character?

I think it's most likely that she just has a crappy, disappointing life like just about everyone else in TP.

Posted : 02/08/2017 10:38 pm
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I thought before her return that it would be an interesting mechanic for her character to now be a haggard disaster following the explosion when she was once the beautiful starlet of the original series.

Then again I always found it funny that she wasn't severely injured because Pete shielded her from the blast.

Im not sure how one shields another from a bomb explosion that happens in an instant.

Posted : 02/08/2017 10:51 pm
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Hmm, talk of signing papers, breaking contracts, affairs... oh I'm sure I've got this one nailed... Charlie IS Catherine Martell...... for Pete's sake 😉

Posted : 03/08/2017 12:20 am
Lynn Watson reacted
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Since Audrey was on the other side of the vault, I'm thinking Pete threw himself up against the bomb in the safety deposit box, absorbing much of the explosion, like a soldier falling on a grenade.  Andrew probably tried to run away, but still got it.

Posted : 05/08/2017 3:38 pm
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