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Did Diane's car position change in the Vortex/Hastings death scene?

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Rewatched that scene at lunch and I think there are numerous clues from Lynch in the way that whole affair was shot that are sort of setup to remind us that perspective is very important. 


Most of us picked up on this consciously watching how Gordon is perceived.  From his perspective, he's staring into a world-swallowing vortex.  From Albert's perspective he is flashing in/out of existence.  From Tammy's perspective, he's just an old man standing strangely with his hands in the air.  Perspective is key, right? 

Okay, so in that same shot where you can see how ridiculous Gordon looks to the folks not there with him near the vortex, take a close look at the placement of the vehicles and of the adjacent "houses" (buildings) that form the complex. 


Diane's car is in "front" (left of screen, if looking toward's Gordon).  Hastings' car is to the right.  Diane is on her rear bumper smoking, looking towards Hastings' car. 

To the left of Diane's car is this white/off-white building with some distinctive features.  It is from this building that our bearded, homeless bum approaches to get to Hastings.  But from this perspective, Diane ought not to have seen him at all, or at least not until he was at the vehicle door.  And even then, she'd be staring at his backside.  

Instead, from Diane's point-of-view, we see him stalking Hastings as he approaches the car as if Diane has a clear shot of his front-side.  But this wouldn't be possible from her position. 

So what gives?  

Two conclusions jump to mind: 

1.  The vortex thing created a significant enough warping/distortion of time/place that things got confusingly, ehhh, well, errrr...confused. 

2. Is this a suggestion that Diane is in fact a lodge entity or dopple?  They talk backwards at times.  They move backwards at times (or seemingly so, in the lodge).  Might they also experience things in reverse? 

Posted : 25/07/2017 12:54 pm
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Speaking of experiencing things in reverse, she also stated she saw the Woodsman get out of the car, when we all watched her observing him/it getting IN.

Posted : 25/07/2017 12:59 pm
minto_greg reacted
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Posted by: James M Sweeney

Speaking of experiencing things in reverse, she also stated she saw the Woodsman get out of the car, when we all watched her observing him/it getting IN.

Exactly.  That's what got me fixated on it.  It makes no sense for her to say that when she could've pretended to see nothing at all.  Unless it was some sort of screw-up like the Doppleganger saying "Yrev"?  

Posted : 25/07/2017 1:02 pm
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Diane is still in love with Dale Cooper.

Posted : 29/07/2017 8:23 am
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Yes, I took some screenshots of this - must try to find them!


Posted : 29/07/2017 8:39 am
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I'm pondering a possibility that Diane may be able to move time and space based on your observations and a video I saw on YouTube of a deleted scene in FWWM in which Cooper is speaking flitratuously to Diane from a doorway. We can't see or hear her. He was observing the room she was in and saw she had changed something. That something was a clock she had moved 12 inches to the left.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=_YQA0U6zWyY

Posted : 29/07/2017 12:08 pm
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I'm pretty sure that was just a cute scene illustrating their relationship.  I can see Diane testing him by creating insignificant changes and seeing if he can spot it.  A fun game.  Definitely don't need to bend time and space to move the wall clock.

Posted : 29/07/2017 12:14 pm
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Right, but I was thinking of it more like a foreshadowing. Since she moved a clock to the left, what I heard was that she moves time backward.  Perhaps it's nothing significant, though. After all, the scene was deleted. (Yet we are able to see it NOW) I certainly don't remember it before. 

Posted : 29/07/2017 12:20 pm
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It's an interesting theory, but if lynch/frost introduce the idea that Diane can somehow bend space and time, IMO it's far too much of a major plotline to suddenly drop onto the viewer. A bit of an epic mcguffin. Just my two cents. 

Posted : 29/07/2017 2:22 pm
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Diane appears to mouth the word "hello" when she sees the woodsman.

From Diane's perspective the light blue trailer is to the left of the house (to everyone else it's to the right).


Posted : 29/07/2017 4:31 pm
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