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Twin Peaks month at 25YL


Hey everyone,

If you don't know I've gotten in pretty deep over at (I'm like the head of the TV department now, so if you have any interest in writing about TV for the site, let me know). Anyhow, apologies for what feels like self-promotion, but I thought you all might be interested to know that 25YL is starting a tradition of making February "Twin Peaks month" to honor the roots of the site. 

This year we're going to have a series of articles on Laura Palmer's Secret Diary (on Fridays), an interesting piece looking at My Life, My Tapes, and some other stuff, including a couple few fairly substantial theory pieces (on Tuesdays), one of which was written by yours truly, and I'm pretty excited about it. I kind of wish I didn't have to wait three weeks or so until it will be published. 

I don't want to spam the forum, so I won't post all of that stuff here. Probably just my own piece, since if anyone is up for talking about that I'll be all for it. I miss the days when this place was so robust with discussion that I could hardly keep up. 

But, so, if you're interested in following this stuff, I'd encourage you to Like the 25YL FB page (the group is defunct), or follow on Twitter, if you use such things. Or just give the website a visit now and then. There's a lot of stuff going on as we've moved into TV and film beyond the site's Twin Peaks' origins, but we also published a huge Twin Peaks theory from John Bernardy recently (spanning a series of 5 articles), and basically we're never going to stop covering Twin Peaks.

Anyway, so, again, sorry if this comes across like an ad or something, but I thought there may be people who will see this on here and be interested/happy to be informed about the plans.

See you all in the trees

Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2019 8:46 pm
Roadhouse Regular

I very much enjoyed reading the jumping kokopelli article. I'll be giving the Part 18 article a read next, always an interesting topic.

Been very much enjoying the True Detective season three articles on the site. Have you been watching it as well Cæmeron?



Posted : 07/02/2019 3:16 pm
RR Diner Patron

I'm enjoying True Detective as well.       It was nice to see the acknowledgement within the show that this current case and series ones' are in the same universe,   that was a nice little nod.     I wasn't quite as satisfied with series two,   but even that one had some stellar episodes.

Posted : 08/02/2019 8:56 am

Yes, I have been watching True Detective. I think it is rather good, and have been enjoying the articles on the site as well. There are a couple on season 1 from a bit back, too, if you haven't noticed them there.

We've got so much Twin Peaks stuff this month it's hard to keep up, but exciting! The Jumping Man piece was really interesting. And I liked the thing Lindsay wrote about My Life, My Tapes.

My piece is scheduled for 2/19. I'm looking forward to that

Topic starter Posted : 08/02/2019 2:02 pm