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New short story / fan fiction set in 1987

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Hi folks! I had such a fun time writing my short story "Ghostwood" about young Ben & Jerry that I wrote a new prequel story about Diane working at the Philadelphia Bureau office in 1987, before the Teresa Banks case.

The story revolves around the initial disappearance of Phillip Jeffries, and also features Gordon Cole, Chet Desmond and Dale Cooper (who only appears as a voice on Diane's tape recorder).

There are also, like in "Ghostwood," plenty of Easter egg references to the old show, FWWM, The Return, and a couple of nods to Secret History.

The Return, in particular, got me thinking about what Diane's life was like when she first started working for Gordon. When he makes her an honorary member of the Blue Rose Task Force in The Return, it struck me as being a bit condescending. Why wasn't she considered important enough to include on the team way back when?

This story was a chance to tell things from Diane's point of view and show her as a capable agent in her own right.

I'd love to hear what the fans think and if you'd be interested in seeing more stories like this. Thanks for reading!

PS: This story is written in screenplay format, simply because that's the style of writing I know best.

Topic starter Posted : 16/06/2018 12:23 am