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Loose Ends: Nadine's eye  


While I'm thoroughly enjoying The Secret History of Twin Peaks, one point is abundantly clear: Mark Frost did NOT do research into his own show, and that's very disappointing. 

In Episode 1 Season 2 of the original run, Nadine is in the hospital following her attempt of suicide. Big Ed tells the story of how Nadine lost her eye on their honeymoon hunting trip when buckshot ricocheted. The Secret History of Twin Peaks tells a very different story: Big Ed and Sheriff Truman were bird hunting and Nadine had the habit of following Big Ed out of suspicions he was seeing Norma. Seems to me that the only value this story has is to further reinforce how "crazy" Nadine was, and nothing else.

Posted : 15/10/2018 11:34 am

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