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TWIN PEAKS theory " the Dream and the Passion crime " ( posted online since Aug 5th and known with the name of -the italian theory - too)  


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18/08/2017 7:03 am  

Hi everybody ! i would like to share with you a theory i ve conceptualized with my friend Lorenzo Zandri about what really is TP.

We wrote this theory half in 2009 and half after watching the first 6 episode of the new one.

We published it for the very first time on Aug 5th , s it was updated (about given clues ) to episode 12; so this is totally unaware of what it could happen at the end of the series !!( i know some synopsis are online but i totally don t wanna read nothing and this is completely spoiler free )

This is based strongly on the log lady intros and on Facts and clues we saw during the show and the movie.

unfortunately in this english version of the document we didn t include ( by error ) some follow up ( but they are quite explained ) about some clues as the oil and the traffic light;

whoever is intersted can as and i will post without a problem !

i include the Owl Cave Map that could confirm some points ! 

So thanks for your attention and have a good read !!



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18/08/2017 7:07 am  

this is the link to the theory ; if you have problems in reading it just contact me !