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Twin Peaks Tour


Hi guys,

A short introduction. I'm Eduard, 25 years old, from The Netherlands, studying journalism and I will be doing a four month internship in New York for a Dutch television network. 

As you might have guessed it, i'm a big Twin Peaks fan and visiting the Twin Peaks locations is a thing that's high on my list. Now i'm in America, it would be a great oppurtunity to visit them while i'm close by. Now I have a small problem. My internship is from 1 July till 31 October. I have to work during the day and in the weekends I have to be close, because something big can happen. I can visit cities nearby, but flying to a different state... nope. However, after my internship ends, I can still travel. 

I contacted David from Twin Peaks tour to ask if he could give me a tour. I don't have a drivers licence. And to see all these locations by myself would take a long time. This is a great solution. However... He can only do the tour from the 9th of november. On the first of november it's kinda possible, but we have to rush it, and I have to leave internship early on the 31th of October. Which I don't prefer. 


My question: Is there anybody that lives near Seattle that is willing to do me the tour on the second or third of November? Of do you know anybody who can? 

I simply can't afford it to spend another week in America, I get a small internship fee. And to live another week would simply cost me too much. And 1.5 after my internship ends, the start of my thesis will begin. So I want to go home on time, have a bit of a rest and start on that project.

So again... Is there anybody who can give a full tour of the locations of S1, S2, the movie and the Return? And of course. Don't worry... I will pay for it. 


Thanks 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2019 7:23 pm