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Posted by: Bela Moschkovich

Hi, I'm Bela, 27, from Brazil (São Paulo, to be precise). I'm a musician!

The original run of Twin Peaks started 3 days before I was born, so I literally just missed it. I binge-watched it during holidays in 2011, though. I was introduced to Lynch through Mulholland Drive at 13 years old (my older siblings rented it) and was absolutely mind blown, so even though it took me some time to see the series, I was already a Lynch-geek when I did watch it.

The Return has been even more mind-blowing and I just can't get enough of the narrative depths of each amazing episode. Thank you, Lynch & Frost! Having grown up during the rise of the internet, however, I felt so empty after watching eps. 1-4 and having no one to discuss it with! Thankfully, I found this great, civil forum full of nice people. Glad to be here!

I'll have that slice of pie, thanks.

Hey, Bela! Another person from Brazil. Isn't this board the best? The sad part is that Twin Peaks: The Return airs in Brazil on mondays, so we end up missing the first hours of "OMG" here :/


I'm currently living at Campinas, near you, and I'm loving the state of São Paulo. So much more organized than my home state, Rio de Janeiro. Good to know other Brazilian TP fans. We should really have a convention here, like the Twin Peaks Festival to discuss the Peaks, have fun and maybe talk about the influence the series had in Brazilian art (there's a fantastic 2016 film called "Mate-me, por favor" / "Kill me, please", from a young Brazilian filmmaker, and one of her greatest inspirations was David Lynch and the world of Twin Peaks. Have you watched it?).

Posted : 31/07/2017 2:39 pm

 I'm currently living at Campinas, near you, and I'm loving the state of São Paulo. So much more organized than my home state, Rio de Janeiro. Good to know other Brazilian TP fans. We should really have a convention here, like the Twin Peaks Festival to discuss the Peaks, have fun and maybe talk about the influence the series had in Brazilian art (there's a fantastic 2016 film called "Mate-me, por favor" / "Kill me, please", from a young Brazilian filmmaker, and one of her greatest inspirations was David Lynch and the world of Twin Peaks. Have you watched it?).

I haven't watched it! But knowing it's a woman director makes me want to watch it. I'll look into it, definitely. What are you doing in Campinas? Just work or something related to the University? I totally agree, I know a lot of Lynch fans and I can never get everyone together! (although a friend of mine did once, in Rio. We had a Twin Peaks party and I wrapped myself in plastic, it was amazing)

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you use it (@belamoscovitz) (: 

Posted : 31/07/2017 10:13 pm

Bizarrely, I hadn't discovered this thread until today. Anyway, my name is Melville, I'm 51 and a librarian from Brisbane, Queensland. I'll probably be near-incoherent from constant use of references to Australian things, but hey. Also have autism, so I don't know if that'll mean I might be somewhat lacking in social niceties.

Posted : 02/08/2017 2:25 am

Hi, I am Daniel.  I watched the original Twin Peaks when i was in college in Puerto Rico.  I am an engineer working in the BioTech industry for last 20+ years.  Live in San Francisco, CA with my partner.

My picture on this site is a very young Sheryl Lee (way before TP).  I got the picture from an acquaintance in San Francisco, who learnt that i was a big fan of her and the show.  They (Sheryl an him) were besties.  

Posted : 03/08/2017 10:11 pm
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Hi everyone,

my name is Sabina and I live in Italy. I'm (almost) 40 years old. I'm an Ancient Greek, Latin and Italian teacher. Please, forgive me in advance for my bad english:  I've been studying it for years, but I have not many opportunity to practise it (this could be and excellent one!).

I watched TP for the first time when I was 13, that is as soon as italian tv broadcast it, and then approximately 25 times, once a year. There are many reason why I am (according to many of my relatives and friends) obsessed by this series, but the main one is probably (according to all of my relative and friends) that I'm crazy.

I'm glad to join this group, you are very interesting people.

Posted : 07/08/2017 11:01 am

I've been reading discussions here since the return began, and finally decided to jump in.  I'm loving TPTR.  Looking forward to sharing my thoughts.  Thanks for always giving me something to think about. 

Posted : 07/08/2017 11:43 am
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I'm Paul.  

In 1990 I was 12 years into a hard, focused career in the busy east, no time for TV, and nothing worth watching anyway.  By chance, I waked by the tube right at the moment when Truman and Doc Hayward were unwrapping the plastic, Pete was cringing, Andy was starting to cry, etc., etc., and I just froze...I didn't move.  My career stopped.  The room stopped.  I was watching TV.  What the hell.

I could see the pebbly shores of Puget Sound, misty air, and unmistakeable forest terra of my home; that combined with the way the characters were acting--or, more correctly, the way they were being directed to play--it was so accurate to real life, as if they really lived there and really emulated the odd, specific way we Northwesterners are--yes, a bit off, and not ashamed of it.  How does Lynch know all this?  I'm back for good, and in the woods where I belong.

So, Twin Peaks jammed a piece of Lynch-shrapnel into my skin on that Sunday night, and it is there forever.  I'd known Blue Velvet, but I hadn't made any connections, I hadn't been anticipating any of this, it just appeared.  Art. Damn.

I've stayed away from this forum because I don't have the time to read everything, and I don't want to add redundancy for those who are so dedicated to exploring.  My hat is so off to so many of the people here who have really gotten into the channel with Lynch and seem at times to be swimming almost right next to him.  You guys have some thrilling ideas.  I just enjoy that you are all, for the most part, of a willing spirit and sharing across electric contacts.  Maybe I can add a few thoughts and not embarrass myself.  

Some of the young people will think this is silly, but the older ones know what I mean: This is a LOT like the "water cooler" days.  (I never knew anyone whose office had a water cooler LOL).

Posted : 08/08/2017 10:56 am
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Hi, I'm Gilles.

I struggled before posting here because I couldn't find a way to authenticate other than through social media, and I don't like sharing my browsing habits with social networks. (Plus, posting under my name, which I'm not particularly fond of, isn't the best.) Okay, well, I'll have to live with that.

I don't think there are many French people around here, which is surprising because TP has always been a 'thing' here, well at least back in the day. Plus Lynch is very much respected in France (possibly why his works are often French co-productions), apparently he's here right now so it was funny seeing him in Paris in episode 14. (And if anything, I can confirm it looks like a typical small busy street in Paris.)

Anyway. I'm French, 42, father of a young boy, I'm a hobbyist webmaster these days, in my earlier days I was a journalist, translator (Japanese -> French) and I wrote a successful casual game (Kyodai, some of you may have played it long ago). I use my free time to obsess over Twin Peaks these days. The Return recently joined my pantheon of brainy shows like The Prisoner, Babylon 5 and BSG.

I'm probably a particular fan here, because my first real uninterrupted experience with TP *was* with The Return. I'd already watched most of Lynch's movies (I think I have yet to see WAH and IE), my favorite was (and still is) Dune; as for FWWM, I barely watched a few scenes because it was so linked with the TV show I had yet to watch. At the time it was hard to get ahold of it. I knew it was popular, but I didn't like the show's French dub, so I passed on it. Years later I saw a cable show called 'Destination Séries' where they devoted an episode to the Twin Peaks universe, and I found it fascinating. It spoiled everything from Leland to 'How's Annie?', but I'm not the kind of guy who's bothered by spoilers-- what matters to me is the journey (i.e. how the situation is presented), not the destination. Those short scenes shown on TV really had an effect on me. It was only this year that I decided I'd watch TP, so I started watching the pilot and fell asleep 20 minutes in (actually fell asleep). I skipped the show, just watched the last episode, was disappointed to learn that 90% of the Red Room scenes were in that episode and in FWWM.

Anyway, err, so I watched The Return 1-4 back in May all in a row, didn't understand shit, and absolutely loved it. One of my best viewing experiences ever (along with episode 8 later on.) This pushed me to finally watch the original show in its entirety, and I'm afraid I have to admit, I'm still not a fan, and not at all because I already knew who the murderer was. I love 2x01 through 2x09, I think they have the best balance between story development, mood, humor and emotion. Everything before and after them (except for the last episode, of course) was disappointing to me. So I can't really say I'm a TP fan like most here. But I really loved the FWWM movie when I watched it after I got through with the show. I watched the 'Complete' version made by a fan, which reintegrates the Missing Pieces according to script. That was great. And a fantastic transition to the new show.

The Return, I really enjoy immensely, to the point that weekends are torture for me, knowing the next episode is coming soon, but not soon enough. I understand the general frustration with Coop not being 'there', but as a 'recent' fan, my opinion is that Coop never was the 'star' of the original show -- I'm not even sure he has the most scenes of any character. I seem to remember Bobby being in more scenes, ah ah. Coop was definitely my favorite character though, aside from all of the Lodge characters. I just root for the Fireman, the Arm and MIKE a lot. (Although I keep wondering why he immediately recognized Leland as BOB in FWWM when he couldn't remember him later in season 2).

So, I don't know how much I'll be posting here, but I wanted to at least introduce myself as is customary. I'd like to add that I'm impressed by the lack of trolling and bickering in this forum. It takes a LOT of effort to cut out the weed. Simply said, I'd managed many forums in my life, and I never got them 100% flame-war-free. Maybe I missed the worst topics, but this is how I view this forum. And I like it!

Posted : 14/08/2017 11:57 am
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Posted by: Artemis42

Hi!  Artemis42 here, hailing from Wisconsin of all places. We like our black coffee and pie as much as the next guy, but it really is about the beer and the old fashioned here. (and yes ..cheese) I also fell in love with the original series. I was in my teens back then so I missed a lot of what was going on at the time, but wow, just wow! About me...hmmm.. Artemis and 42 sum me up pretty nicely. I work at a job that affords me the time to travel. I don't know if I will get to all the places I want to go, but it's been an amazing ride so far. This has been such "damn fine" forum to participate in. It's like group therapy.. I mean I can't be the only one who white knuckles it through the week until the next episode right? 


Hello Artemis!

I live in Canada but I was married in Wisconsin.  Point beer....mmmm...the best local beer I've ever had.

And yes, white knuckles....when watching the new Twin Peaks, I am like literally frozen, I don't even think I breathe when I watch, I'm just transfixed on the screen.

Posted : 14/08/2017 12:10 pm


My name is Erik. I'm a 28 year old preschool teacher student from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been lurking around for awhile, reading, but decided yesterday to create an account. You all seem like a lovely bunch of people. 

Posted : 14/08/2017 9:56 pm

Hi all,

I'm Anna, I live mostly in St Petersburg, Russia, and I work in IT. I watched TP several years ago for the first time, loved the first season, but found the second season to be not so intriguing, so I truly fell in love with the show only when I decided to re-watch the first two seasons before starting S03.

I miss the atmosphere of the good old TP in S03, which is too dark and unearthly to my taste, but I still enjoy almost every episode and would have watched the new season if only for Kyle's marvellous performance 🙂

Posted : 23/08/2017 12:03 pm
Roadhouse Regular

Wow. The series is almost over and I just found this thread. 

In case you were wondering, I'm Cynthia and I live in New York and teach writing at a university, and I'm spending lots of time here trying to avoid prepping for the fall semester. This forum is loads of fun. 

Posted : 23/08/2017 12:08 pm


Well. maybe nobody will read this thread because, sadly, the series is about to end, but ok I want to participate. I'm Dela, a 32 girl from Mexico City. Married, I became a mother of a little girl recently. I studied journalism, I like writing and I have a blog (not like Hasting's). I love the music and I'm a spare-time DJ along with my husband. I discovered Lynch in Mulholland Drive and I had the opportunity to watch Inland Empire at the cinema twice, so it was so exciting. I really like David Lynch movies, shorts, paintings and music. 

I first watched FWWM before Twin Peaks the original series, so I knew from the beginning who the killer was, but I enjoyed as much as I could with all that background. That was ten years ago and I used to think that I didn't understand it totally, now it is confirm. I didn't, like right now I'm not so sure about being sure of anything in the plot, but all you people help me with that. 

I have a confession to make. TPTR actually, helped me to overcome the post-birth depression, it made me focus in something else and I think I'm kind of obsessed now, I'm really enyoing this season since is totally Lynch. That's why I'm so enthusiactic about this forum, haha, ok no, I'm here for the dammmmn good coffee. 

Luckily for us, Netflix is broadcasting TP The Return for Latin America, so it's more common to hear from people who is following the series in Mexico, and this also has kept new viewers that start watching TP from the beginning. 

Latins are not what they seem, write it in your diary. 

Posted : 23/08/2017 1:35 pm
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Posted by: floatinghigherandhigher

Latins are not what they seem, write it in your diary. 


Bienvenida, floatinghigherandhiger.

Posted : 23/08/2017 1:46 pm
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Hi, I'm a new user from Italy. I have chosen my nickname following a character in an Italian comic book deeply inspired from TP. I have been a huge TP fan since the original run airing, I have recently watched other DKL's works. I hope you will appreciate my contributions as well as I enjoyed yours during my lurking activity. Even if I've studied English for quite a long time, my proficiency in the language is far from being perfect: please be patient with my mistakes!

Posted : 27/08/2017 9:44 am
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