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Blue Velvet Ear Had Twin, David Lynch's Hair

Blue Velvet Ear Had Twin, David Lynch’s Hair

Jeff Goodwin, the makeup artist on David Lynch's Blue Velvet, talks about Mister Ear, its forgotten twin and its Lynchian hair.
Blue Velvet Meets Twin Peaks: Characters, Birds, And An Ear

Blue Velvet Meets Twin Peaks: Characters, Birds, And An Ear

Nobody can deny that Blue Velvet takes place in the same universe as Twin Peaks. Similar characters, birds on branches, and even the same prop: a dismembered ear.
Welcome to Twin Peaks
When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out. Twenty-five years after Twin Peaks debuted on television, David Lynch and Mark Frost are revisiting the place both wonderful and strange. Don't miss a single step of their journey.