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The "One Certain Person to Take a Look at Cooper"? - Continued

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Since the person mentioned by Cole and Albert at the end of episode 4 wasn't revealed in episode 5, I thought I'd open up voting again!


Who do you think it could be?


Here's the current teams:


Team Sarah - thabto, Van_der_Waal, Teddy, Benjamin, Andrew, Matt, Mikkael, Ash, percolator, Fee. 

Team Audrey - spyros, Gary, Paul.

Team Diane - Steve, titwillo, Pieter, Tali, Yeremy, Katharina, r0byntn, declassified, Kris, Melissa, diamondsea, Justin, pam, Artemis, Ryan, Karen, Audrey, Tatiana, Usual, Rez, Lady, Benjamin, Myn0k, Noto, ella. jlsubl, Colin, Alex. Adrian, Payne.

Team Lil - Chet, Boogie. 

Team Bety Briggs - Taipan. 

Team Ronette - Martin.

Team Annie - Kevin.

Team Previously Unmentioned Character - Eric, angel.

Posted : 05/06/2017 12:12 pm
remlap arual reacted
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I'm still team Sara!

Posted : 05/06/2017 12:46 pm
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I think I'm going to go ahead and put myself on team Ronette.  It might be a long shot, but I feel like, out of all of the characters, she'd probably be the best able to notice anything of the Lodge about Coop.  Although Gordon and Albert don't know the full extent of the supernatural elements in the Palmer case (I don't think, at least) they do know that Ronette was probably the closest person to it and knows more about what happened than anyone else.

It would also make sense if she drank heavily, as well, with all she went through.

Posted : 05/06/2017 2:12 pm
Posts: 2
New Member

Still Sarah!

Posted : 05/06/2017 6:31 pm
Posts: 110
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Either Diane or Annie. Who else would FBI agents associate so strongly with Cooper?

Posted : 05/06/2017 7:30 pm
Posts: 370
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I read somewhere that Laura Dern is playing Diane, nice little Blue Velvet nod if so. Why I think it's Diane

Posted : 05/06/2017 8:11 pm
Posts: 2
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Team Diane all day

Posted : 05/06/2017 10:24 pm
Posts: 19
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This is such a tough one.  Even though I still think it will be Diane (played by Dern) I secretly wanted Diane to forever be a mystery character.  I will honestly be disappointed to meet her no matter how amazingly she is portrayed.  I just loved the is she or isnt she real conundrum 

Posted : 05/06/2017 10:28 pm
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Maybe Dern will play Diane but as a voice over the phone and she isn't the person Gordon is talking about. Unlikely I know but with Lynch you can never say never. 

Posted : 06/06/2017 7:44 pm
Posts: 3
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When I saw that scene, I automatically assumed it had to be Sarah, I didn't even think there was any room for speculation until I noticed people were discussing it online...

I think Laura Dern will play a new character. I don't think Lynch would ever want to reveal the mystery of Diane's identity. On the other hand, four years ago, I didn't think Lynch would ever want to return to Twin Peaks, so who knows? 😉

Posted : 06/06/2017 8:58 pm
Posts: 112
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I'm Team Log Lady:

She used to go drinking to the Roadhouse all the time, her log sent clues to Cooper about the Owls at the Roadhouse the night Maddy was murdered, and she was the only other character in the scene that could move while the Giant told Cooper it was happening again. Now, I know she's ill and can't really move. So it's probably not her, but boy I wish it was her.

Posted : 07/06/2017 12:23 am
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Team Sarah. I like to argue with my own theories and stir s**t up from nothing, though, so I'll also take note of Gordon asking Albert "Do you know where she lives?" I'm assuming they'd both know damn well where Sarah lives.

Posted : 07/06/2017 1:32 am
Posts: 853
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And again I remind that Gordon & Albert have been living and working in Philadelphia for 25 years, Albert wouldn't be thinking of someone in ( town of ) TP, and know where they drink.

Posted : 07/06/2017 6:56 am
ella reacted
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That's exactly what I wanted to say! Sarah, Annie, Ronette...They are all based in Twin Peaks, and I don't think Philadelphia based FBI agents are even considering now some small town where Coop spent just few months while solving the case. I am not even sure if they treat officialy solved Laura Palmer case as Blue Rose...

Posted : 07/06/2017 7:33 am
Posts: 195
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I think probably it will be between Diane and a new character but personally i still ride with Audrey! 

Always Team Audrey!

Posted : 07/06/2017 8:14 am
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