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The Palmer House - a portal?

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Season 3 has certainly learned us that portals to the lodges appear at several places around the US .

Could the Palmer house itself be such a place? And the fan indicating the portal is open/active somehow?


- BOB appearing all the time, even without Leland as a host. Maddy saw BOB in the carpet. In the missing pieces BOB talks to Laura from the fan. She also talks to him when she is writing in her diary.

-The white horse in the living room. Maddy is killed later and in the season 2 finale, she ends up in the red room.

- Sarahs appearent messed up/possessed state. She now does appear like a person who doesn't leave the house often. But she also seems to have gained knowledge about the convinience store.

- Episode 4, S1 (I believe - Leland having a dance): Sarah freaking out: "What is going on in this house? WHAT is going on in this house??"

Posted : 31/07/2017 8:40 am
1stDragonarse, Roberto Bella, Paudris Log and 5 people reacted
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I am going insane with all the theories that this events are leading to. 

Anyway I am more personally inclined to this one, that after tying up some ends I found the most comfortable with. While the fan on, BOB comes, doesn't he? Well... it seems to me, it is more likely that while the Fan on, while BOB is having INTERCOURSE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (*ref. to MFAP phrase in the Convenience Store scene in FWW), somehow a breach is opened or was already opened for him to have sex with Laura. The connection between Sarah seeing the White Horse and the woodsman in ep. 8 saying that the horse is the white of the eyes and the dark whitin, leads to me aswell the part of ep. 8 of the little girl and the moth frog... could it be that Sarah is that girl, and the moth is the reason why she can see the dark white horse... and that everything that surrounds her is somehow black lodge related... I do not belive it is a coincidence that she ended up marrying a man who is possesed by a Black Lodge Entity. I feel like she is quite tied up to this side of the spiritual world for a clear reason. And maybe her gift is to be a door between the two worlds. Maybe she talks to the moth frog, tht moth could be the darkness inside her. Or maybe I just can expect anything from TP hahahaha. Fellas I need to get some sleep. 

Posted : 31/07/2017 12:18 pm
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This is a very good theory.  Sarah must know so much...I just love her character

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:13 pm
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I think it's an excellent theory.  Had we not witnessed Gordon staring directly into a portal above him, the theory may not have merit.  But these things apparently exist in the Twin Peaks universe.  And BOB certainly entered the Palmer house over and over, when the ceiling fan was on.



(PS: And poor Sarah Palmer, what a tortured character.  She has been through hell and apparently is still living in hell)

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:16 pm
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Interesting theory. And maybe Sarah knows it's a portal. This could explain the sound we hear in the house when Hawk's at the door and she's supposedly home alone.

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:35 pm
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Older ceiling fans, like those in the late 1980s, emit a humming sound. I wonder whether it's the sound that's important, not the fan itself.

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:37 pm
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Electricity  --- to quote

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:47 pm
James M Sweeney and Jack reacted
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If the 50's girl is Sarah, couldn't the frogmoth be coming from the Laura-ball, entering Sarah so she will give birth to Laura? 

Meanwhile Bob entered Leland around the same time to prevent/corrupt Laura.

Sarah, Leland, Laura, all victims of supernatural powers fighting eachother.

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:03 pm
OctavioLemos reacted
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When it comes to portals, don't forget the sycamours...

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:04 pm
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Posted by: Jesse Newkirk

Interesting theory. And maybe Sarah knows it's a portal. This could explain the sound we hear in the house when Hawk's at the door and she's supposedly home alone.

It sounded more like vodka bottles clinking together than the sound of a portal. 

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:36 pm
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Yes, someone, or something is making noises, and Sarah is aware of who or what it is.

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:38 pm
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Did BOB really have to use the portals?  It seems like he was just always here and didn't travel back to the lodge until Leland died and he had to pay the Garmanbozia he owed.

if anything it seemed Leland himself was a portal for BOB who he could visit whenever he pleased.

Posted : 02/08/2017 10:43 pm
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Certainly the people living in it were portals......

Posted : 03/08/2017 12:26 am
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It is very similar to the ringing sound we keep hearing.  Also, the fan makes a visual strobing effect, like the flashing lights we see in the Black Lodge or when the Woodsmen are present in our world.  The shot in Part 12 of the fan with shadows also looked a lot like the floor pattern in the Lodge.

Posted : 05/08/2017 3:19 pm
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I'm totally in on the Palmer house portal theory.  I think the similar staircases in the house and where Gordon saw the Woodsman are the same but neighboring dimensions. 
I'm also wondering if Dougie's staircase/ladder drawings on the case files are related.  We have several staircases but only one ladder that I remember (mauve room).

A lot of people think the sounds are the delivery boy bringing her liquor, but I think the language she uses is important.  SomeTHING is in the kitchen.  Just like when Gordon and Albert see the woodsman near the portal.  "I see IT."

Posted : 06/08/2017 1:53 am
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