Twin Peaks podcasts? Call for help.  


 I don't know if it's allowed here but in case it is, can others share the names of TP podcasts they've come across? I have listened to quite a few and I'm interested in finding more. I am hesitant to list those that I've listened to in case that's a no-no here.  If you could offer ratings of those you've heard,  that would also help. 

Posted : 13/11/2017 3:30 pm
Detective Moderator

As far as I know, there is no issue with posting podcast info here so long as it is related to TP.  🙂  There is much convo throughout the forum regarding different podcasts and some have even posted links to their own.

You should post a list of those you already know about so that we don't refer you to places you've already been.  🙂

Posted : 13/11/2017 5:14 pm

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