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Pieter Dom

Thom Yorke dances to Twin Peaks

Dancing Thom Yorke Does Twin Peaks Midget Dance

I couldn't resist participating in the Dancing Thom Yorke Dances To Everything meme that is all about adding different music to his Lotus Flower video. Some of his moves reminded me of the little man from another place, so the song choice was a no-brainer.
Listen to Soundtrack from Twin Peaks

Soundtrack From Twin Peaks

Last week, we created a one-stop page for you to listen to the entire Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack anytime, any place. Today, we're sharing the original Soundtrack from Twin Peaks album in the same way.
Twede's Cherry Pie by Pieter Dom

Happy Cherry Pie Day!

February 20th is not only Richard Beymer's birthday, it's also Cherry Pie Day. The cherry pie is the second most popular pie in the United States, only just behind apple pie. Exactly why February 20th was chosen to be Cherry Pie Day is unknown, especially since in North America it's most commonly eaten midsummer following the harvest of cherries. But does it matter?
Entering the town of Twin Peaks

1,000 Visitors In 1st Month!

This blog welcomed exactly a thousand unique visitors in its first month of existence. And one out of five visitors returned at least once. A sincere thank you to all who passed by! Eyeballs keeps us going and growing, so please return (daily) to check out what's new in the world of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Mentioned On Dallas

I got a great 30 minute drama: it's all about this dwarf that sings backwards -- it sounds high concept, right? Sure it does. I figure you take a woman that talks to logs... I dunno... maybe a couple of jelly doughnuts
Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

Trees... Good girl with secrets... The Pacific Northwest? No, the cable network that brought you Mad Men and Breaking Bad is not airing a Twin Peaks remake, but there are an awful lot of similarities. Including the tagline.
Music from the Motion Picture Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack (Stream)

Should you have a sudden urge to listen to the soundtrack of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me without being remotely close to the CD, you can come here anytime and listen to the entire album for free.

Beware of Bob Sign

Looks like Sheriff Harry Truman finally put up this "Beware of Bob" sign in front of Ghostwood forest...
Twin Peaks Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace

Laura Palmer and James Hurley's heart necklace makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for Twin Peaks fans. The gold necklace costs only $7... and that's for both halves of the locket. If you're not going to wear it, then at least keep it safe in a coconut.

Nice Day For A Picnic

February 12 was the day Donna, James and Laura had their upbeat and carefree picnic. Together they ate, danced, laughed and enjoyed "one of the region's grandest views" of the peaks and the valley at Snoqualmie Point Park, 37580 SE Winery Road.

Northwest Passage, An Unofficial Twin Peaks Feature Film

A movie version of the Twin Peaks television series is in the works and will be released to the public next month! The unofficial re-edit, called Northwest Passage just like the original series' working title, will come in HD and enhanced for widescreen.
Twin Peaks Map by David Lynch

David Lynch Draws Twin Peaks Map

Wow. Just wow. David Lynch created 7 prints for the In The Trees art exhibition taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, one of which is this lovely map of Twin Peaks.
Tansy Tan Dora

The Pink Room: Twin Peaks Burlesque

The owls are not what they seem. Especially if they're wearing pasties. On Febuary 23th 2011, the eve of Laura Palmer's death 21 years ago, a burlesque tribute to Twin Peaks called "The Pink Room" will take place in the Lower East Side's Parkside Lounge.
David Lynch Art Print

David Lynch Art Print “Garden” Up For Auction

Unfortunately, last week's lithos by David Lynch didn't find a buyer but here's more early art by the filmmaker up for auction already. This 14" by 14" abstract piece called "Garden" dates from 1970 and has a starting price of $399.
Pieter Dom

Pieter Dom

If you want to learn more about my 25-year-old obsession with Twin Peaks, please ask Dr. Jacoby. He has all of my tapes.