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Pieter Dom

Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcast #3

The third edition of the Twin Peaks Podcast is out, covering the 3rd episode (Zen, Or The Skill To Catch A Killer) in nearly 75 minutes.
Twin Peaks TV Party, Brooklyn

Twin Peaks TV Party

Boy, are Twin Peaks fans in New York City being spoiled lately! In addition to the ongoing David Lynch burlesque nights, there's now a Twin Peaks TV Party coming up May 9th 2011 at Brooklyn's The Bell House.
Twin Peaks FBI Special Agents T-Shirt

Twin Peaks FBI Agents T-Shirt

Available with black or white lettering, the Twin Peaks FBI t-shirt features the first names of the (special) agents that appear in the wonderful Twin Peaks universe.
Twin Peaks Easter Eggs

Twin Peaks DVDs Easter Eggs

It's Easter Monday, so I figured I'd show you how to find all of the easter eggs hidden on the various Twin Peaks DVD releases.
Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcast #2

The second Twin Peaks podcast is available. In 55 minutes, Matt, Mel, Brad and Caitlin cover the Benjamin Horne's foot fetish, James Hurley's intelligence and the squirrely peasant man at the end of the bed post in the 2nd episode of Twin Peaks, Traces To Nowhere.
Angelo Badalamenti

Angelo Badalamenti Talks Twin Peaks Soundtrack, The Queen And Giving Lynch A Hernia

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack was chosen by NME as the best film soundtrack ever made. This week, NME called up its composer, Angelo Badalamenti, and asked him a few questions about the amazing album he created about 20 years ago together with David Lynch. Here are my favorite bits from the interview.
Northwest Passage, Twin Peaks as a film

Northwest Passage: A Twin Peaks Fanedit

Q2 has done it. He completed his highly anticipated feature film edit of the Twin Peaks television series. By focusing merely on the Laura Palmer story and leaving other subplots on the cutting room floor, he was able to reduce the 2-season runtime from 980 minutes to 300.
Witch House Twin Peaks Tribute

Witch House And Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks

A Witch House and Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks is a witch house tribute to the world of Twin Peaks. Witch house, for the uninitiated which I bet are many, is a music genre which combines hip hop and dubstep rhythms, industrial noise and gothic rock. And then some.
David Lynch Burlesque - David Lynch edition

The Pink Room Burlesque Goes Blue Velvet

After two highly succesful Twin Peaks editions of the David Lynch burlesque, the third installment of The Pink Room will draw inspiration from the 1986 film, Blue Velvet.
Pieter Dom

Pieter Dom

If you want to learn more about my 25-year-old obsession with Twin Peaks, please ask Dr. Jacoby. He has all of my tapes.