The Black Lodge T-Shirt: Mike& Bob& Giant& Dwarf.

Already available for a while are the Twin Peaks t-shirts for the Sheriff’s Department, The Bookhouse Boys and the FBI agents. But how could I ignore that other important gang, the inhabitants of The Black Lodge? Here’s today’s new design:

Black Lodge t-shirt: Mike, Bob, Giant, Dwarf (White)

Black Lodge t-shirt: Mike, Bob, Giant, Dwarf

Don’t worry, the t-shirt design doesn’t show the logo at the bottom!

The new ampersand t-shirt exclusively lists the four most iconic inhabitants of The Black Lodge: Mike (the one-armed man), Bob (the killer one), the giant (the one with a red-bow tie) and the dwarf (the dancing, little man from another place). I chose “dwarf” instead of any other common nicknames for the character, because it’s short and works better as an opposition to the giant. Doppelgängers, hallucinations and other friends were excluded, because I believe these four names are sufficient to instantly evoke the image of the Waiting Room. And surely, we don’t want to spoil the fun for Twin Peaks newbies either, do we?

» The Black Lodge t-shirt and The Black Lodge (White Lodge Edition) t-shirt can be printed on many different types of t-shirts and colors, and start at $17.99.

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