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Twin Peaks VR has 22 achievements in total. Here they are and how to unlock them.

Tutorial Done
Completed the tutorial.
One Eyed Willy
Place all of the map pieces back on the board.
Fight Against The Sadness
Find the horse in the red room.
The Golden Owl
Find all of the owls in the forest.
Paul Bunyan
Chop all of the wood in front of the cabin.
Here's Johnny
Chop your way through the train.
I Saw Bambi
Find the deer in the forest.
Shattered Glass
Open the glass box.
Completed the Forest.
A Space Odyssey
Climb back down from Naido's roof.
Shocking Development
Pick up the shoes in Naido's apartment.
Red Room
Completed the Red Room.
Glass Box
Completed the Glass Box.
Sheriffs Office
Completed the Sheriff's Office.
Mall Cop
Watch all of the SD cards.
Completed the Jail.
Completed Naido's apartment.
We Named The Dog Indiana
Find all the collectibles.
Play It Again Sam
Complete the game a 2nd time.
What About BOB
Defeat BOB.
Jailhouse Rock
Escape from the jail cell.
Hmmm Donuts
Eat all of the donuts in the conference room.


Posted : 13/12/2019 8:59 am
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I soooooooo need to do this.  Just need to acquire the right equipment.

Posted : 07/02/2020 12:06 pm