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Lapses & Inconsistencies In Time  


Joseph asked me a question about Diane's clothing changes but I can't for the life of me find the thread now.  So I'm going to answer here and I'm hoping you all will share your discoveries on how time seems a bit "jumbled" or strange or whatever in TP.

Diane's attire:

THere is a bit towards the end of the season, I don't recall which part, where she is sitting in the hotel bar having a drink.  She is wearing the same outfit she wore at the prison much earlier in the season.

I think some others did a lot of analyzing of her nail polish from scene to scene and I don't entirely remember what came of that.  Also, I don't remember at this moment what Diane was wearing when she got her tulpa-self shot and disappeared.  But I specifically remember the outfit with the red shirt because I mentioned it when it aired, that she must have made use of the hotel dry cleaner.

Were they in the South Dakota hotel the entire time of their public lodging escapade?



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Tulpa Diane is wearing a sky blue top when she's about to assasinate the task force.

One inconsistency that's been on my mind since the first time I rewatched the season is right there in episode 1. Hawk is out looking in the forest what looks to be ghostwood, and is talking to Margaret the log lady. She asks where he's going. He says something is supposed to happen "here" that night. She says "the stars turn and time presents itself" and tells him to "watch carefully". She wants him to come over for coffee but Hawk declines and says "he's almost there".

But the dates the Sheriff's department later in the season get from Major Briggs is after Margaret's death.

Posted : 27/03/2019 9:47 am