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25 Years Later site has a new look!

Roadhouse Regular

Just noticed has a whole new design! Not too sure about the new slogan - "squeezing the juices from the cultural peach" - but looks pretty good! Be exciting if any other changes are afoot - hint hint Cæmeron ? 

Topic starter Posted : 21/03/2019 3:05 pm
RR Diner Patron Admin

Looks familiar.

Posted : 22/03/2019 4:58 pm

I kind of can't believe we landed on keeping the peach thing (which was originally made as more or less a joke), but I have come to like it. Hope it doesn't turn anyone off, anyway.

Other changes, you ask? The new site has forums, which haven't really gotten going yet, but I hope they may eventually come at least somewhat close to the quality of this one. If anyone is interested in a place to talk about other TV shows, movies, etc., beyond Twin Peaks. We also put out a quiz yesterday that I had a hand in creating. Was just thinking to post it in the fandom section here. So, yeah, we'll have quizzes and polls now. And are also talking about expanding into some new content areas.

Posted : 23/03/2019 5:48 pm