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Let's do this again!!


I've had a year to contemplate season 3 and ground myself after such an immense viewing experience.

Now I'm ready to do the whole thing over again!

Season 1, episode 3 complete. Now ready for bed and will contimuc with episode 4 tomorrow!

Topic starter Posted : 29/06/2018 5:14 pm
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I'm doing the same thing.  I will begin my viewing with Season 1 towards the end of July and will be posting my observations here and on my blog.  I'm not going to binge it as I have in years past, but will instead watch only 1 episode per night (and may take a day or two off every now and again so that I can allow what I have seen to really absorb in and digest).

Posted : 29/06/2018 5:31 pm
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Welcome back Mynok!  Happy to see you! Can't wait to hear of your new observations.

Good idea Brian.  I went through a few of the part too fast and I'm going to need to go back and watch a few.  Should have limited myself to 1 a day at the very least.

Posted : 29/06/2018 6:33 pm
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