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When will episode 5 air?

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Just wondered if anyone knows when the next episode (5) is due to air? And also, if it will fall into a 1 per week pattern from now on?

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Helloooooooooooo, the 5th ep - June 4

Then every week we are gonna have an episode
But after episode 8 we will wait 2 weeks for episode 9

then again one ep per week, until the final 2 episodes 17 & 18 which will air together at Sep 3


Adair Murray Topic starter 29/05/2017 6:00 pm

Thanks for the info! I'll write it in my diary...


Only patience can save us from BOB


Looks like Sky stroke again: episode 5 was apparently made available for a few hours by Sky Go in Germany and Austria...

stefanzellmann 29/05/2017 4:24 pm

I can confirm this, I watched the first 20 minutes this morning during breakfast here in GER. I was surprised to see that it was no longer there after work. Had I known they'd take it offline I would have watched it till the end.