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The way from The Convenience Store to the Black Lodge

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I want to order all the pieces in my head (some of them, at least), and I have some questions about 'these places of another world'. I need to elaborate something like a map.

First of all, I assume that Black & White Lodge, The Convenience Store, etc. are spaces from the same world, isn't it? I assume there are only two worlds (TMFAP talks about "The two worlds" in FWWM).

We heard about the Lodges, but we only know the Black one (isn't it?). But, what is (if it there is a known place) this Purple Place? And the Giant (aka ?????? aka Fireman)'s Chateau? Maybe both are the same place as i read somewhere? Maybe are the White Lodge? I read in a threat that the Black and the White Lodge are the same place, one room is the Black One and the other is the White one. What do you think?

Maybe the Purple Place is "only" some kind of representation of inner Dale, because we can think that there happened something like a struggle between Good Dale and Bad Dale (the knocks on the door, the "my Mother" thing, the door upstairs to the void).

Second question: I've revisited FWWM and I have a doubt. We've seen TMFAP, BOB, Woodsmen, Mrs Tremaine, the wizard kid and this with-white-mask-and-grace-jones-hair around the dinner table talking about electricity, pure air and garmonbozia. This place is The Convenience Store, right? Well,  when TMFAP gives the ring to BOB, both appears on the Black Lodge. So, it seems The Convenience Store and the Black Lodge are different places, they are trapped there? Once in the Black Lodge they can go back to The Convenience Store? Or they have to find the way to escape from there? (BOB is inhabiting people to get out, and in some episode The Arm says "BOB have to come back here", "he has a lot of time out", or something similar. Is the Black Lodge an evil's prison for evils or what?

Anyway, i don't know what is the relation between these two places. So, my final doubt is how The Convenience Store fits between Lodges, or how is the "map"? I think I need one like Hawk's.



??????? help us

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Super duper Spoilers below... 🙂

In my belief... and after obssesive research I think they are somehow the same and in different levels, parallel and coexistant places above us, the room above the Convinience Store, the Black Lodge and The Waiting Room. In my understanding, there's a clear connection between the Convenience Store scene in FWW, where they speak of "descending from above" and going up and down between worlds, that might answer your line of questioning. The place where the room lies is above the convenience store. And how this store is clearly shown in the eight episode of The Revival, which is on Earth ground level.

I believe that there is a waiting room, where entities like the Giant, the little man and Coop can co-exist. Like some sort of "Limbo", a space where entities, souls rest between the spiritual worlds (the dark spiritual one and the lighter one) and aswell from the human-biological one. It seems to me, that after the origin revelations of the eight episode, the evil of humans created a space between world where our evilish mistakes (in my believe incarnated by inhuman beings like BOB) are held in somesort of space between worlds, the Black Lodge. And aswell the goodness is held in the White Lodge.

I belive those entities, through parallel ways of living, have descended from some better above - for example the Chateau. And the normal biological world, is at Convenience Store level. That's how I have mapped Lynch's parallel ways of existance. If any make sense to you, happy to help fella! 


manglano Topic starter 27/07/2017 11:35 am

[3rd season spoilers, sorry!]

Yeah, great! It is fantastic share our theories and ideas, almost the coolest thing in this TP-universemultiverse!

I like this up&down thinking and its translation to these two floors in The Convenience Store.  It gave to me more significant the image of the woodsmen on steps in Gordon's quickly sight.

So, that means you can access to The Convenience Store through these interdimensional holes and through... the main door? at the ground level, in NM or wherelse... XD

Wait, this waiting room/Limbo you're talking about have we seen or what, or it is not a "place" but is when them appears in the real world (the roadhouse, the dougie's assassination attemp or the cherry pies store), right? i can't get it at all!

Anyway, this has a lot of sense to me and I like see things in the way you tell! 😉


Paudris Log 01/08/2017 2:11 pm

I'm so thrilled that you have enjoyed it!!

I am not sure who can enter to the room above the convenience store. Are only the gifted and the damned able enter there? And yes... I belive that those "gatherings" you could enter through holes... like the picture that Laura hanged in her room in FWW... or aswell if gifted you could enter through the main door... ? 

The red room is known too as "The waiting room", that is what I belive to be somesort of Limbo. Because there you might find the resting souls like Laura, the Giant (which I believe that is a good one... not only because of his help but too he never feeds with Garmonbozia), aswell the evilish ones like BOB and normal fellas like Cooper that have stayed there for 25 years and left the room, even though time passed he was still alive. 

I believe that there might be holes in places like the RoadHouse because of the Giant appearences as you mentioned... but aswell I think is mostly connected to the "vessels"... I believe that they can show themselves, to Cooper for example, while the vessel is at the place they have to show up. If you pay careful attention... the Giant vessel, Mr. Droolcup, can be found in most of the scenes that the Giant appears.

I hope this goes on fellas! So happy to be part of this beautiful phenomenon of TP. 


The doppelganger arm sent Coop down into the "purple room" as some people call it. It's a kind of limbo- the arm said "non-existent," it is a kind of non-existence to be there between the worlds. The sightless woman threw the switch which redirected the portal for Coop to escape, and replace Dougie in our world.