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Re-viewing (as opposed to reviewing) an episode

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One of DL's signatures is dwelling on a scene or shot for what seems to many (including myself, on occasion) for an uncomfortably long amount of time.  What I have noticed on re-viewing episodes is that subsequent viewings of those shots which I initially felt over-long now seem exactly right.

It's analogous to the feeling I get when driving to a new address I don't know:  the return trip from the address seems much shorter to me than the initial drive even though it's precisely the same distance.

Does the this ring a bell for anyone else?

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I agree with you, and your analogy is a great example of that.

I've noticed this in all his work, but especially in this Return To Twin Peaks 18 hour movie. Classic scenes so far, the guy sweeping the Roadhouse Floor, Dougie drawing the ladders and stairs. The start of part 3 with the lady with her eyes sewn over, and the banging, and of course the nuclear explosion. In regard to the latter as I was watching it and wondering when it would stop I knew the chatter about it online was going to be lively. What I'm pleased about on this forum is how respectfully everyone is treating each other. Not so on at least one FB forum I chose to not be part of anymore.

Back to your point, re-watching part 8 - like no other, to quote Peter Deming the cinematographer, one could argue that scene and its length presents the enormity, albeit in a comparatively negligible way of the consequences of launching a nuclear weapon. I'm reminded of Albert's words in the episode where Leland was revealed. 'Perhaps Bob is really just the evil that men do.' I rewatched it again last night before reading any reviews of opinions, and as you say the scenes feel exactly the right length.


Yes, I've noticed this several times.

For more on this phenomenon, you should read "Only Forward" by Michael Marshall Smith.  It's a novel that I believe would appeal to all TP fans.