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Jeffries' shoes

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In FWWM Missing Pieces, we have the scene of Phillip Jeffries checking into a hotel in Argentina.  Watch the scene and listen carefully.  As the camera first swings left to capture his entrance, we can see the tips of his shoes peeking from behind the red curtain, as if he is standing and waiting for his cue to move.  Curiously, when he starts to walk, it is almost as if time has hit a 'skip' button ... he starts moving suddenly, and the harp music evaporates into the dance music.  Has Jeffries already started his jumps through dimensions, and perhaps, universes?

Comments and discussion appreciated ...

- ianbtv 

2 Answers

Wow. How have you find this very small detail ?

The tip of the red shoes are barely viewable.

Honestly, I think that David Bowie was here just waiting for the Lynch direction green light and move to the camera.

When the place, where Bowie is hidden, is right in the middle of the camera frame, there is the signal.

We can hear a bell ringing, Bowie is moving to the front desk and 6 other peoples are moving just after him.

"Let's dance, Put on your red shoes and dance the blues..."


I remember this scene as well,    I had always just chalked it up to poor blocking.     But who knows,    perhaps it was something orchestrated after all.