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Is it all about Chet Desmonds dreaming ?

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Hello, i forgot my earlier username, and i am now back as chester 007 to investigate.

I rewatched Season 1 / 2 + TPFWWM.

For me the solution is that Agent Cooper does not exist, neither does Laura Palmer. They only exist in Chet Desmonds dream.

The TP starts with Chester Desmond and Sam. After they visited Hap's , they fell asleep, and chester fell into sleep, and thereafter the twin peaks story starts.

Chet = Cooper

Sam = Phillip Jeffries (Jeffries explore that Chets has a glamorous fantasy picture of himself, and points at him= how do you think that is there)

The lady behind the disk in Hap's (who says Theresa got a strange feeling in THE ARM) = Norma

Theresa Banks at Haps = Laura Palmer at RR

Hap's = RR Diner

The evil in TP is just the evil that chet and sam saw in the police officer. Maybe the police office in TP is the reverse of the police office that sam and chet walked into.

The persons with the long noses (ie. juming man) are some fuckups fantasy after Chet gave the police officer in washington som ache in the nose. The face of the evil police officer is some kind of the same face that Sara Palmer has.

The RR are not real. It is an fantasy-place that have the speciality good Pie and Coffee, the reverse of the last Chet and Sam experienced at Hap's. (RR = Reverse)

The dream starts with Chet finding the ring under the caravan. At this moment we have left the real world, and the dream is initiated by the missing ring from Theresa Banks finger. Chet transfer bits into a dream story.


A short explanation, it is off course not possible to put together all puzzels.

Think for your self, the Twin Peaks season 1 + 2  is a glamorous story about a charming agent Cooper. This is Chet Desmond's picture of him selves. The RR diner, the god damn cup off coffee , and the strange people in TP, the girls that adore Cooper is offcourse completely bullshit , and belongs in a dream. The log lady , the Arm, Garland Briggs that walks around in his stupid uniform, the one armed man that walks around, the owls, and so on. It is off course not real. Only the beginning and the end can belong to the real world.

I clearly see this when Copper talks with Annie, there is a kind of glam filter on when they are out in the boat, and there is something wrong with the coffee that drips slowly from the cup at RR.

Garland Briggs is fantasymix of he artist Judy Garland and from the Air Force from the 50-60 periode, the time when there was a higher amount of UFO an mysteries related o the Army.

To say it in another way, it reminds of the world of Mulholland Drive. The lady that takes her self into a fantasy world, and is tearing apart. We can slightly feel that there is something wrong in the story.

This is what we see in the end of twin peaks, in the end we can see that the glamorous world tears apart, it is soon before chet desmon wakes up. I assume he woke up in the hard reality, and therefore i think there will not come a season 4. I imagine that "cooper" woke up not far away from the place that Chet and Sam fell asleep. Chet only dreamed about how to solve the mystery of Theresa Banks.

That was mine TP story. I thing there exists thousands.





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