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After spending time reading all kinds of criticism on multiple threads, about this that and the other, I'll concur with a quote from Jennifer Lynch, David's daughter, who said she was so happy to see her father (not mine fyi 😉 ) behind the camera again. To experience new material directed by David Lynch and whatever he and Mark Frost felt was the Twin Peaks story 25 years on was fine with me and will remain the case (files). I was and remain keen to see how life has played out for the characters, in the knowledge of how it's played out for me. Thankfully I only look like my Dad in the mirror, not BOB! 😉 

I hoped people would enjoy it, but recognise that while I might disagree with people's opinions, I can't disagree with their experience, so have to embrace the negative with the positive, although I have to manage the former more carefully.

As an aside I believe we are seeing the subversion of television on multiple levels and it's challenging us all, clearly, from all the noise generated online. This forum imho, is still a cut above at least one Facebook forum I won't name, and you've only got to read the comments against YouTube videos to hold out your hands in despair at the reams of toxic diatribe. It struck me recently that these people also spend time spewing poisonous reviews on Amazon. I wonder if these people are what grows out of the eggs the Experiment is spewing out.

As I said in a rare thread earlier today, I asked the Twin Peaks Recap writer, Carlos Valladares on the San Francisco Chronicle four questions. 

1. What were your expectations when you heard it was to return?
2. What did you want to know?
3. What did you want to happen in part 12 - Let's Rock?
4. What do you want to have happen by the end? 

Feel free to answer as you wish, or not. I invite you to be open, courageous and specific.

Smiles to you all... 

3 Answers

 1. This is going t be good!

2. What's been happening in the past 25 years.

3. They'd get rid of the plinky plunk stuff and get some proper balls out rock.  Didn't happen.

4.  I'd like to see stuff and things.  I'd like to see some kind of conclusion but I'm not going to cry into me beer if it doesn't happen, just so long as it's not the same sort of garbage dished out by Lost.


None of it matters, episode 8 was one of the best artistic pieces of film/tv I have seen in my life.


1. I expected a glimpse into the mystery that was tormenting Twin Peaks and the resolution to the quest of Dale Cooper. 
2. I subscribe to the idea that The Secret History of Twin Peaks albeit Mark Frost's vision was being held as a reference in the writing. So the question for me in this was how bad of a deal did we as a people make with the greys and what would be the consequence of that deal or could it be revoked.
3. Originally I expected Bob or lodge denizens to challenge the FBI agents.
4. It doesn't matter episode 8 exists, it could stand on its own, it could stand as an aside to the story or it could sit where it does in the middle and send tendrils into the story line. 

No matter what I got more of the art of David Lynch where he is using visual imagery, sound, online content, cultural references. His palette is so deep and diverse it is a joy to watch it.

Colin Basterfield Topic starter 11/08/2017 2:36 pm

Thank you so much for sharing your answers. I agree with you about part 8. As Peter Deming, the DP 'instagrammed' just prior to its transmission, 'part 8 - like no other.' He was so right. It's stayed with me much longer than any other so far.


1. What were your expectations when you heard it was to return?

I knew it would be darker, more cerebral and weird, because if FWWM. But I had no idea I would be as hooked and enthralled as I am now. 

2. What did you want to know?

I wanted to know how Coop would interact with people once he was outside the lodge and what blue rose meant. 

3. What did you want to happen in part 12 - Let's Rock?

No idea. I had no expectations. I've given up investing in theories! Although I do enjoy guessing 🙂

4. What do you want to have happen by the end? 

I would like to know how BOB factors into all this. A slight understanding of the workings of the lodge in terms of the hierarchy - i.e. BOB compared to doppelgangers. And what Mr C is really after. I don't think these questions are that unlikely to be answered. Oh, and what's happened to Annie. 

Myn0k 11/08/2017 3:29 pm

Just to follow up on my answer to say that even if none of these things are answered, I'd still be very, very satisfied 😀 

I guess the questions I have are merely as a result of where the show has taken me so far.