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[Solved] DVD/BLU-RAY

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Despite us still not having a release date let's make up a wishlist, what does everyone want as part of the extras?

I personally am hoping for the stuff from comic con.

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I'd like to see the Comic Con stuff and maybe the red carpet interviews from the premiere.  But mostly I just want the episodes. 


The scouring of the shire (-;


A beer.


More seriously, though, I am not sure I hope for much. First of all, DL is not into it (the complete mystery being the exception to the rule). I don't really want deleted scenes- this is the director's cut we are seeing. I wish I thought there was room for the sort of end that 6 feet under had, where we get to know what happened to everyone after the story ended, but that is NOT TP- and I don't think we are going to get a neat ending (nor do I want one- "How's Annie" would be fine with me...

Sammy Weir Topic starter 22/08/2017 7:44 pm

Yeah I don't think we'll get any deleted scenes, I've saw in few places people thinking they'll get another missing pieces which isn't going to happen. 

Why I'm asking about other stuff. 


A behind the scenes would be nice (Making of) , some interviews, deleted scenes, The possibility to play all roadhouse songs and a great booklet !!

(is it to much Santa? )