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Denise's Involvement with Blue Rose

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This is likely unimportant to the story, but I was wondering earlier if Denise had an involvement in blue rose cases. 

I would assume that given her current position, she most likely has, at some point in the past or even now due to her important position. 

As I say - probably not important to the overall story, but I had the question in my mind and I wanted to release it 🙂

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If the Secret History is a basis for the writing of the show. She was not on the list of Blue Rose agents and the project was not from the head of the FBI so other parts of the agency may not be aware of it, including Denise.


In the 2nd season, Denise was actually an operative for the DEA investigating Cooper after the fake Mounties found cocaine in his car. In this series, Gordon Cole states that she was undercover in the DEA, suggesting that Denise always worked for the FBI, just not necessarily  on any Blue Rose cases.

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Thanks, both those comments make sense 🙂