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Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1 - Help Identify Please

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Hello all! I've been very interested lately in this new "sound" album and trying to identify just when each of these tracks actually appears in the season, for my overall mega soundtrack album I'm working on to have as soon as the season is over, and I desperately need some help. Below are the tracks I've identified so far and where they fit, followed by the remaining tracks and where I think they may have occurred, so far without me having the time to go back and actually investigate per individual episode. Any and all help appreciated. Let's rock!

Tracks Already Identified:

1. Intro Cymbal Wind

(The very beginning of each episode, when we vaguely see Laura before the theme music)

10. Angel Choir Reveal

(Dr. Amp's golden shit-digging shovel advert)

12. Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1 

(Listed in the end credits of episode 13)


Tracks So Far Unidentified...and My Guesses:

2. Night Electricity Theme

(Beulah and Otis?  or Bad Coop & Ray driving from prison?)

3. Electricity I

(Mother attacks Sam & Tracy?)

4. Weighted Room/Choral Swarm

(Cooper appears inside the box? and/or Mauve Zone in ep. 3?)

5. Tube Wind Dream

(Mauve Zone, atop the structure? Briggs' head "Blue rose")

6. Tone/Slow Speed Prison/Low Mood

(Great Northern hum? then Bill Hastings in his cell in ep. 2?)

7. Slow One Chord Blues

(Sarah at the bar in ep. 14?)

8. Interior Home By the Sea

(Fireman and Senorita in ep. 8? or right after "Slow 30's Room"?)

9. Low Sustained Mystery

("Got a light?" to the couple in the car? or Lt. Knox examining Briggs' body?)

11. Seven Heaven

(Underneath Swan Lake music box re: Sonny Jim's gym?)

13. Black Box

(When Cooper travels thru the electrical socket?)

14. Girl Appears/Black Smoke

(Jack Rabbit's Palace/Naido at 2:53 pm?)

15. Shanghai Mysterioso

(??? idea here)

16. Forest/Interior

(walking to Jack Rabbit's Palace? Or general shots of Twin Peaks trees? Or Andy sucked into the void with the Fireman?)

17. Electricity II

(The Arm doppelganger drives Cooper from the Lodge? Transfer to Dougie/Bad Coop's garmonbozia?)

18. Future/Past

(Mike in the Red Room?)


PS. We'll surely be getting a "Volume 2" soon, don't you reckon?

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Finally identified one of the tracks in question...

15. Shanghai Mysterioso

(Walking into Jack Rabbit's Palace and discovering Naido)

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11. Seven Heaven

(Obviously playing during the scene with the "gym" - and this is the closest I've found to the Swan Lake loop playing over it which, for my purposes with this project, works just fine for me:

Kevin Matthews 22/08/2017 4:37 pm

Some great work on this. Will see if I can help out with some of these. 

Wondered if Electricity 2 was when Gordon opens that portal ..?