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Chester Desmond spotted after TP - a revelation...maybe

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There's an exaggerated height shot in FWWM that I'm keen to try out in a short film adaptation of a poem of mine. The scene is where Leland examines Laura's fingernails. It's talked about in a book about in a book I have, Master Shots - Vol 2 by Christopher Kenworthy.

Anyways in trying to find the scene I skipped through the movie, but stopped when I got to the FBI Headquarters scenes where Jeffries appears.

Cooper is in and out of the security guard's office and it ends when he brings Gordon in also to show that despite there being no record of Jeffries arriving at the Front Desk he was there, and is captured on the monitor. On the monitor to the right of that is a scene from the car park with a guy walking across. The walk is exactly the same as Desmond's

This may have been talked of before, but it's the first time I've noticed it. Maybe my sensitivity to what else is in a frame is heightened making my short.


Robin Bunce 26/08/2017 1:42 pm

I just watched FWWM today and reached the same conclusion. If we're right,  means that Chet Desmond and Phillip Jeffries were both at the FBI HQ on the same day, and both disappeared on the same day.

Michele B Witkowski 27/08/2017 2:46 pm

I haven't seen it but I'm sure your correct.. it always bothered me that other then the mention of his name and the fact that he is missing , we never found out what happened to Chester Desmond .. someone pointed out that because someone wrote on his car Let's Rock he is probably dead..