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Bobby’s cigarette brand

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What cigarette’s brand smokes Bobby Briggs? Thanks!

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They were Morley brand.  It's a fake brand that is used in Hollywood and they even appear in Season 3 (as does a brand that Diane smokes called American Spirit - which is a real brand).

Morley is also used in X-Files.

emanuelem Topic starter 23/04/2019 10:35 am

so the only real brand of cigarettes are diane's american spirit? all the other characters including Bobby smoke the Morleys? thank you


I'm not sure that all other characters smoke the Morleys.  I'm pretty sure that Sarah Palmer smokes Salems.

emanuelem Topic starter 24/04/2019 3:22 pm

okay, so bobby smokes morleys ... but just out of curiosity, where did you see him or how did you understand that bobby smokes morleys? thank you so much!


just looking at the cig itself.

There is also a scene where Leo is fussing at Shelly and observes an odd cigarette in the tray (they are sitting on a couch) and that from now on she has to only smoke a certain brand.

It's one that Bobby was smoking (the odd one that was in the tray).

There is also a scene in Season 1, Episode 4 (Rest In Pain) you can almost see the case of cigarette sitting in front of Bobby: