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In an Italian Blog I am reading, this chick wrote that The Return is just like Twin Peaks but's the same story...with the same theories and still showing the same message as the first twin peaks....only thing that changes is that now Lynch gets to do it the right way...the way he always wanted to do the first one... but he couldn't. So he's basically repeating everything with some more details and a clearer 'message' that nobody got in the first instance. She might be right but i hope not...absolutely hate the idea that this story is not going's a cycle basically.

In there she also stated that (and that's her not me, don't shoot the messenger!) episode 8 is NOT a metaphor or a part of the "story" of Twin Peaks but it is the reality of what happened at the Trinity Experiment in New basically aliens exist and he's showing it to us cause he knows. Ok...that's actually pretty cool...I do believe he believes in them...I don't think Lynch would waste his life creating and writing a masterpiece if he didn't believe in it... 

Posted : 13/07/2017 6:30 pm

Well, it's an opinion.  Can't think of anything positive to say about it so perhaps I'd better stop.  ?

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Posted : 13/07/2017 7:00 pm
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No, it's not the same story retold. It's picking up the story 25 years later. The main focus is no longer "who killed Laura Palmer?" It's now "what's going to happen with the two Coopers?" and "what the hell happened to Major Briggs?"

Posted : 14/07/2017 2:13 am
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I'm not sure how Lynch is really into aliens, plots and conspiracies. I think that's more of a Frost things. Lynch is all about transcendental entities, spiritual and oniric stuff and weird creatures, but aliens don't strike me as much of an interest of him.

As for the story, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of circularity of time and events, as this seem to be a main theme in Lynch's works (Mulholland Drive, Lost Highways, many people believe also Twin Peaks and FWWM). But I'd lean more towards the idea of the events of this season somehow bringing us to where the whole Twin Peaks adventure started (thus explaining a lot of things), like some kind of tape rewinding to the beginning (or to some other point), more than a mere repetition of the same events. Or if the latter it's the case, I think that would be true only for part of the story of this season, I don't think the things we've seen so far really match with the events of the original show. I guess it could be with the storyline that might be developed in Twin Peaks if and after the different plots and characters converge there, maybe after some supernatural encounter/experience in those places described in Major Briggs message and with the different characters (like maybe Shelly's daughter as a new Laura or whatever).

Posted : 15/07/2017 8:30 am