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I'm trying to make sure I'm not forgetting anything but with so much packed into every episode I thought I'd bring up Bad Coop's messages, and messages that seem related to Bad Coop, throughout the season thus far to see if anyone can check me on this.

We know Bad Coopers been getting around and has really pushed his influence way past the town of Twin Peaks.  Please add to this list, or correct it chronologically, I'd like it to be as comprehensive as possible.

1. He calls someone he thinks is Phillip Jeffries (and then suspects it may not be) on strange box from his briefcase.  (similar to the black box in Argentina)

2. He makes a phone call from his jail cell, pushing WAAAY too many buttons, which sets off all the alarms and he leaves the message "The cow jumps over the moon."

3. The woman that was supposed to have Dougie killed by the sniper calls the black box in Argentina, we see text that says "Argent 2", it beeps twice, and then it shrinks down to some silvery mineral.

4. Todd from the high rise in Vegas receives a bizarre Red Box message on his computer that prompts him to send a folder from his safe to Ike the Spike.  The folder has pictures of the "hip hop beats" woman and Dougie.  (was there anything else in the folder?)

5. This may not count, but he "sends" the tracking on the car he escapes from jail to the truck in front of them and then tosses his phone. "C - Fire - DOX"

6.  He sends the text "Around the dinner table the conversation is lively" and it shows up on Diane's phone.  There are differences in capitalization and punctuation (addressed more in detail on a different thread)

What I'm trying to figure out, especially in light of the Hastings blog and all the stuff about parallel worlds and we are talking about TWIN peaks after all... is Bad Cooper communicating with characters from a separate plane of existence (or universe or what have you) and did he fabricate Dougie on the other side?  We know he came out of Glastonbury Grove with Annie into our Twin Peaks from seasons 1 and 2.  We know Dougie was fabricated as a diversion so he wouldn't get pulled back in when Dale was let out.  Is it possible Dale ended up in the wrong world altogether? 

All of the action is happening but only some of it is crossing over and some of it SEEMS to be crossing over.  We also know Bad Coop has lots of weird tech that lets him do some crazy stuff he shouldn't be able to do.  Maybe messages pass through that box in Argentina and over to the other side?  If there are two sides, who is on which side?

Posted : 12/07/2017 3:26 am

I think it is all the same world. Cooper's key went from Vegas to Twin Peaks. The parallel worlds I take as The Black and White lodges. Who knows, though!

Posted : 12/07/2017 9:20 am
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Posted by: stwallskull

I think it is all the same world. Cooper's key went from Vegas to Twin Peaks. The parallel worlds I take as The Black and White lodges. Who knows, though!

That's a good point!  See, I forgot all about that key.  I knew there was a connection I was missing!

Posted : 12/07/2017 2:04 pm