Just trying to sort out a few things.

1. Ray was to meet Hastings' secretary/assistant Betty for some information (the coordinates), he's later arrested and sent to prison.  He has memorized the coordinates.

2. Hastings gives Betty a ride home from school when her car won't work.

3. Betty dies in a car explosion.

4. Hastings and Ruth Davenport are able to retrieve the coordinates through instructions from Briggs.  Ruth writes the coordinates down on her hand.

So presumably Hastings told Betty the coordinates on that ride home or some other time?

How does Ray/Mr. C/Jeffries know the secretary has the coordinates?

Who blew up the car/killed Betty?  Was Jeffries behind it hoping to stop Mr. C?  Was Mr. C behind it for some reason (although he wants - not needs - the coordinates)?  Did Phyllis arrange it to prevent Hastings from having an alibi that night?  But Phyllis also works for Mr. C presumably in some capacity.

At what point did Ray meet Betty to get the coordinates?  I guess right before he got arrested?  Did he then blow up the car so only he would have the coordinates?

I guess this bit confuses me.

Posted : 12/07/2017 7:13 am

Or did Ruth give the coordinates to Betty?  From Hastings' confession it sounds like she is the only one that knew them

Posted : 12/07/2017 7:21 am

This has been confusing to me too, and I've been trying to make sense of it. 

  1. Betty has coordinates that Mr. C 'wants', but she'll only give them to Ray. Did Mr C not know about Ruth and Hastings having those numbers, too? 
  2. Phyllis knew nothing about these coordinates. How was she useful to him?
  3. Hastings told of other numbers that Briggs needed, those numbers were known only to Ruth, who wrote them on her hand so she would not forget. 
  4. Ruth gives the numbers to Briggs, and he floated up, and his head disappeared. 
  5. Hastings talks about all these people coming into the Zone. They kill Ruth, but he is left alive. (?)
  6. Briggs body is found with Ruth's head. Now, this was certainly going to bring the FBI in.
  7. Hastings is arrested to tell the tale.
  8. Betty is killed in a car explosion.
  9. Ray is supposedly arrested.

I think these coordinates would lead Mr C to Jeffries. Only Ruth knew them and she was killed. I don't think that Ray was arrested. It was a ruse designed to delay Mr C, who was going to be pulled into the Black Lodge the next day. Apparently, Jeffries didn't know about Dougie. 

I think Mr C is very worried about Jeffries. 

Posted : 12/07/2017 9:44 am