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Detectives Fusco = Mo, Larry, and Curly  


I apologize if this has been noted somewhere else, but I'm not sure how to search the forum and there are far too many posts to go through them all.

Has anyone noticed that Detectives Fusco are the Lynchian version of The Three Stooges?
D. Fusco is Mo (the dominant one)
T. Fusco is Larry (the follower)
Smiley Fusco is Curly (the lovable fool)

From "Stoogology or The Stooge in You" by Dave Spatt:

"...the Moe personality is generally the dominant one.  It is not a question of self-interest, but more an innate ability to control or lead others, or cause them to be submissive.
...the Larry personality tries to dominate others, but generally fails, especially when the other is a Moe.  He is, in effect, a Moe wanna-be.  Curly is someone who does not have the need or desire to control others.  He would rather do what he is told and follow the lead of a Moe or Larry."

Topic starter Posted : 16/07/2017 6:02 pm