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Cooper's return seems Imminent....  

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Possibly by Part 11.....why?

1.) He's going to the doctor literally the same day as his visit to the PD...his blood work may not be a match to "Dougie"-or scars from the car accident won't be there-DNA won't match, his appendix will still be there, etc.

2.) The fingerprints will alert the FBI very quickly, especially with BadCoop hitting the BOLO (Be On the Look Out) list after his escape.

3.) The TPR presentation at Comic-Con on Friday, July 21st, includes an advanced screening of Part 11-major buzz creation...especially if Cooper is back....if the objective is to break the internet...that would do it!

4.) We don't have to wait for Coop to wake up on his own...Cole has the resources to wake him.

5.) If Cole doesn't, Diane does.

Posted : 11/07/2017 1:03 am
Roadhouse Regular

5.) If Cole doesn't, Diane does. kiss may be all it takes...Janey-y will not be happy

Posted : 11/07/2017 1:09 am