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Around the dinner table the conversation is lively  

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Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: Brandy Fisher

Does anyone have the side by side shots of the two texts?

P.s. I love it when people "rant" about going off topic or disrespecting the original post yet are themselves doing precisely that.

Here you go:


Posted : 12/07/2017 11:45 pm
Town Visitor

I think there may be a clue in the grammatical structure of the sentence. The text is also accurate written as "The conversation was lively around the dinner table". its one of those perfect sentence structures that can be split and reversed while still carrying the same meaning. I feel like there is some significance to how it is written, not so much what it says. 


Posted : 13/07/2017 1:29 pm

could very well be coded msg . many words become other words by just removing first letter, round he live as he inner able ,, something feels coded anyways 🙂

Posted : 13/07/2017 1:55 pm
Town Visitor

Don't say 'Disclaimer' , say, 'APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE...' 

Posted : 14/07/2017 1:51 pm
Roadhouse Regular

I think the message must refer to a moment many years ago when Cooper recorded that sentence into his dictaphone. He could have been having dinner at an FBI event or something and took a break from the table to record some thoughts into his dictaphone. It might not actually mean anything significant in itself as a message, but might just be a way for Mr C to let Diane know that it's him and he's out there. 

Posted : 15/07/2017 5:53 am

But, my question is why is it all lower case with no comma in Evil Coop's phone, but it shows up in all caps with a comma on Diane's phone. Is this a mistake or is there some significance? If there is a significance, what is it?


Posted : 17/07/2017 2:31 pm

Ian Cook: Some people suggested on page 1 of this thread that the difference in the text that Dopplecoop sent, versus what Diane received, may be because Diane wasn't Dopplecoop's intended recipient--whoever Dopplecoop sent the message to, may have re-sent it to Diane, maybe without Dopplecoop's knowledge or approval, and whoever that person is, they re-entered it differently into their own phone.

Here's the cache of the page that appeared July 10 2017 at (the original page is no longer online), in which "doktorteeth" posted the two versions:

around the dinner table the conversation is lively

Posted : 18/07/2017 10:29 am

Please pardon a newbie but when I saw the text I immediately thought that that's the same phrase that the Giant has told Dale back in previous series. Anyone else remember the things the giant said to Coop in his dream? 

Posted : 31/07/2017 5:08 pm
Roadhouse Regular

Perhaps it's an anagram. I've found the words DALE, STATION, NINTH and COORDINATES so far. 


Perhaps it has something to do with the coordinates of the 9th level of hell. 

Posted : 06/08/2017 9:38 am Myn0k liked
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