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Around the dinner table the conversation is lively

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Mr. C sent that coded message to Diane. The last time he used a phone with a coded message was his prison phone call: "The cow jumped over the moon." Could that call have been to Diane to warn her that Gordon and Albert were on their way to see her? Perhaps they had come up with a plan years back in the event of this situation.

Mr. C makes the call in Part 5 and Albert first visits Diane in Part 6.

Posted : 11/07/2017 8:22 am
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Interesting thought!!

I think there are two possibilities though. The type is completely different: lower case unpunctuated and upper case punctuated. So either its an effect of eelectricityyy and the network itself is... restating his message all E.V.I.L style -- or its a way of showing the same message is being *forwarded* to her by another personage or power (Jeffries etc..)

Posted : 11/07/2017 5:41 pm
John Sawyer reacted
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Does that happen with cell phone networks? --an original text being changed by the system so when it is received, the capitalization/punctuation is altered slightly? I was leaning more towards someone else sending that text to Diane (Most likely Jeffries). At least that is what I hope. That seems like a pretty big error to oversee and could have been easily caught and fixed during post-production. I would be annoyed if it is an error like the continuity error of the diary/harold timeline. I love Lynch and I'm a huge fan of TP, but continuity errors annoy the shit out of me. Especially when they are clearly visible for us nerds to catch. I still hope the diary timeline is resolved (maybe explained with some sort of time travel element of the lodges). 

Posted : 11/07/2017 8:05 pm
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This is not a "continuity error". No such thing in Lynch work.

Posted : 11/07/2017 8:20 pm
Trina Jones, SomethingVague, ella and 1 people reacted
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What about this theory?

Jennifer Jason Leigh's character seemed to be looking over Mr C's shoulder when he was texting. 

I'm thinking she might be in cahoots with Diane, 

Posted : 11/07/2017 11:55 pm
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This would explain why it went from lower case to caps

Posted : 11/07/2017 11:59 pm
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I'm still baffled by this text. Diane didn't appear to be particularly upset or freaked out by it. Are we assuming she knew where it came from? She was getting frustrated by the lack of reception (although it said blocked) when she was in the plane. Then she finally gets the text. Did she know it was from Mr. C? 

Posted : 12/07/2017 12:15 am
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Disclaimer: Rant incoming. Not specifically addressed to the OP of this thread, as it happened in many other Episodes/Parts discussion forums. 

People seem to completely disrespect discussions started by others on the forums. It makes it really hard to focus on the discussions when the subject gets so diluted. So many threads about the same things..


PS: Sorry about the rant, but it's kinda frustrating to see the same discussions popping like pop corn with a day's -sometimes just hours- difference.

Posted : 12/07/2017 12:39 am
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Dougie Jones - I could be guilty of your claim. That said, I referred to the original thread which talked of the text being lower and upper case. I wanted to put out there what it actually said, i.e. that the conversation around the dinner table was lively. Funny I see that is the subject of this new thread.

To be fair, this forum is so lively that it's hard sometimes to keep up. But there is a search up top right that I've yet to try so can't claim how well it can find stuff that already exists.


Posted : 12/07/2017 2:02 am
Dougie Jones reacted
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That was nowhere near long enough to be a rant. I give you 5/10. Try again, and this time put more effort in 😉

Anyway, back on topic: I noticed the differences with the text message, and was all set to come on here and reveal it. Then I saw that I wasn't the first person to spot it. I assumed that it was just a continuity error, but it's good point that it could mean someone else sent it.

Posted : 12/07/2017 2:03 am
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I can't even rant properly, huh? I usually don't rant, keep myself ftom it, because it sucks. But I couldn't keep myself from doing it this time, so tried to make it short and to the point. 

Btw, I'd love if 'lively' were a typo for 'lovely' and that it improved the text message.

Posted : 12/07/2017 6:40 am
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As much as I like Diane's character, I am leaning towards the idea she is in league with Mr. C. I don't buy that the text she received was a taunt, and I do think she was the recipient of "The cow jumped over the moon" as well. She is there to spy on Gordon and Albert. Really, take a good look at her... could she be any more the archetype of the noir femme fatale?

I wonder what Mr. C did to become a billionaire? Investing in corn? Alternative energy? Cross-dimensional real estate?

Posted : 12/07/2017 8:43 am
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If she were in cahoots with Mr C, she wouldn't have seemed so shocked when she interviewed him in prison, IMO

Posted : 12/07/2017 12:59 pm
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If she were in cahoots with Mr C, she wouldn't have seemed so shocked when she interviewed him in prison, IMO

Perhaps... or maybe she was acting, since she knew Gordon, Albert and Tamara were listening.

Posted : 12/07/2017 1:52 pm
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Does anyone have the side by side shots of the two texts?


P.s. I love it when people "rant" about going off topic or disrespecting the original post yet are themselves doing precisely that.

Posted : 12/07/2017 11:31 pm
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