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I downloaded the video that you find once you click the latest journal entry on (if you right click you can download it) and as I suspected, the file saved as "radio.mp4". The changes in music as well as static infused voices that we hear made me believe that it was a radio. But something else that I noticed was that the white dots moving across the screen almost looked like rain drops to the point that I thought that I had splashed something on my screen. And when I clicked the donate button on, it led to a preview of the covers for the soundtracks that will be released, on of the covers being a close up of the Roadhouse. So I'm kind of stretching here, but the blurry red blob in the video is almost the same shape as the road house sign. SO my idea is, what if the video is from someone watching the Roadhouse, listening to the radio? Or, is it just a really confusing advertisement for the upcoming release of the soundtrack? 


I'll attach the video file to this post for anyone who needs it.

Posted : 21/07/2017 8:16 pm

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