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Screenshots of some fave visuals-TP Part Eight  

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I've been posting albums of screenshots from all the TP episodes. An engrossing project, going through the episodes again and freeze framing moments I find especially visually satisfying.

It's no surprise that a David Lynch production should have striking visuals. TP: The Return certainly doesn't disappoint.

We could all possibly agree that ep. 8 of the new TP is one of the most bizarre, art-house-gone-mad films ever broadcast on television. Like or loathe it, if nothing else, it's certainly filled with gasp-inducing images.

I could have captured all 79,000 frames of ep. 8 and loved every screenshot. Ep. 8 is my favorite episode, and its visuals are just one of the reasons I admire this one so much.

Instead of my usual handful of stills, this photo album has 54 images. Here's the link. Hope you click and peruse the slide show. And as with all these screenshots I'm posting, feel free to download.

Twin Peaks screenshots pt.8

A preview: "The Slow 30's Room"

Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2017 3:37 pm