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Did anyone notice this???  

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RR Diner Patron
Posted by: Karen
Posted by: William De Bruijn

And the furniture and floor in 'the lighthouse' are the same as in the black-and-white prologue of S3E1 where Coop sits opposite Carel Struyken as '?????' with the grammophone if this is heaven or the White (Lighthouse) Lodge, our Dale paid/pays it a visit too. But is that past, present or future?

I suspect future because Cooper responds to the Giant ( who also said "you are far away." ) : "I understand." 

Didn't Cooper only become catatonic after he went through the electrical circuits? It would sense for the conversation with ???? to be Past. I'm not dismissing it could be future, but basing it being the future simply because Cooper can talk doesn't make much sense to me. It's like saying everything that occurred in season 1 and 2 actually occurred in the future because Cooper can talk and reason. I believe the scene with ???? occurred in a weird state of flux, "between two worlds", in which Cooper was neither past nor future, but simply existing in the room with ????. 

Posted : 03/07/2017 9:27 am
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