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There were a lot of scenes in part 8 that reminded me of previous scenes of The Return. Here are some off the top of my head:

The atomic bomb: Gordon has a large picture of the mushroom cloud in his office. My guess, as I've said elsewhere here, is that the atom bomb, being earth's first encounter with the Black Lodge, is the origin of Blue Rose; and Gordon, now possibly the head of those cases, keeps the mushroom cloud picture as a "reminder" of why he's there.

The convenience store: that weird flickering, "stop-motion" type editing, with the woodsmen wandering around the store, reminded me heavily of the editing of the first scene of part 3 (the eyeless woman). The composition of the shot also made me think of the "test houses" in the footage of the original atom bomb test, and at first I half-expected a shockwave to blow the store down in like fashion.

The spirit of Laura Palmer: a golden orb, much like what Dougie Jones was reduced to when he was taken to the Black Lodge. Her orb is much larger than his, perhaps referring to their respective "purity."

The "mother/experiment": Not only is she the shadowy figure that killed the couple way back in part one; in part 8, the pose in which she's floating is the same as Dale Cooper's when he visited the glass box shortly before her, I think in part 3 (diagonally leaning forward, arms extended). Incidentally, it's also the reverse of ??????'s floating pose while creating Laura--diagonally leaning backward, arms at his sides. Of course I have no idea what it means.

Not only was the interior of ??????'s tower essentially the same as the first scene of part 1, and obviously that bell calls to mind the bell in part 3, but the exterior reminded me of the space-box in part 3 as well.

And obviously, the woodsmen are given a far more detailed, coherent fleshing-out than I ever imagined Lynch would be willing to give, especially given that before last night, they were just a strange, ominous presence with no particular rhyme or reason.

Anything like this that I missed?

Topic starter Posted : 26/06/2017 9:31 am