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Why do spirits age?  

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Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: Zack Sisson
Posted by: Oyster Bells
Posted by: Zack Sisson
Posted by: Oyster Bells
Posted by: Zack Sisson

I'm just glad none of them gained weight.

Laura returning with an extra 75 would've been odd.

😄  Umm, Audrey's gonna gain a bit, just a little....  But that's okay, come on!  Well, not Laura I guess, can't have a spirit age AND gain weight too!  😝

Yeah...I just meant the lodge would look funny to gain some pounds in a place where this no food...and you're not actually human.  

I met Sherrilyn Fenn a couple years back...she looked great!

Err, they could have too much garmonbozia, maybe...?  😋

Whoah, you went to a Twin Peaks Fest??  😄  Awesome!

I wish...but was a horror movie convention...called "horror hound" I think.  Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee were supposed to appear in a later year but both cancelled.  I assume it was because of The Return.  Lose/Win.


I saw some vids on youtube, Fenn seems to be the funniest and most candid in these events.  😋  Well, Kimmy too.

"Dougie, who do you prefer now, me or that Jade?"
"No, no, Dougie! Jade. Or. Me?"
"Okay, once again. Jade. Or. Janey-E?"

Posted : 22/06/2017 1:01 pm
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